lst November, 2014


Hi everybody! How lovely to be able to sit and chat to you again! So much has been packed into the last two weeks that I can’t believe it is only two weeks. Anyway, a little word on our lovely little hotel.

If you have not been before, do go to our new website address shown above which will give you a taste of the beautiful environment we are lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. We are right at the beach with stunning views of the outlying islands and only a small saunter away from excellent bars, boutiques and restaurants in our charming village of Bophut, Koh Samui, Thailand. We’re a family-run hotel with only eighteen rooms and have wonderful staff, most of whom have been with us for years. Many guests return again and again and, quite honestly, it is a little haven of delight. Come and see for yourself. I am sure you will love it.

Robin, my husband, has been welcoming some of these wonderful guests so he’s very happy indeed. Also, Michael and Maureen, who’ve visited loads of times and who have lived in Australia for over thirty years, (Maureen is Irish and Michael is Scottish), decided that they had to cancel their 2015 visit. E-mails passed back and forth and then, when the last one was sent, Maureen suddenly felt that she couldn’t live without her visit to our little paradise after all and so the booking was changed back again. Consequently, I am proud to announce their return and we greatly look forward to seeing them again. Also, Rosie and Steve from Norwich, whom I have yet to see during this trip to the UK, (I did pop into John Lewis to see Rosie, but she was in the middle of a staff meeting), have also booked again, but for March this time, so we’ll be lucky enough to welcome them back too. You see, running a small hotel like ours enables us to become friends with most of our guests and we love seeing them again and again and hearing all their news. Sometimes we are lucky enough to go out with them too, say for a drink or to lunch or dinner or, in Steve and Rosie’s case, to watch Norwich City play football although the opportunities this season will be few and far between as the team is not in the premier division now. Sigh! While we’re on the subject of Norwich where I actually am just now, any friends whom I have not yet seen must accept my further apologies for not getting in touch. As soon as I have some time to myself, I shall make amends, I promise!

Don’t forget that, if you have an iPhone or something similar which makes it really easy to make a quick video, I should be delighted to receive one airing any happy comments or experiences you may have had on your visit to our little hotel. I shall then put some together and include them in a longer one I intend to make and I think it would be great to have some of your faces on it. Alternatively, I suppose I could interview you on video whilst you are at the hotel . . . perhaps I shall do that, yes, that’s a good idea. Don’t worry, I shall give you plenty of notice. I wouldn’t dream of sneaking up on you!

For those of you who have visited us already and like to know any family news, Michael, our son, is now working as a self-employed courier from Norwich in the UK. He has been to the north of Scotland, the west of Wales, the south of Kent and all points in between and he’s only been doing it for just under three weeks. He loves it! He’s always loved travel, facts and figures about different destinations, driving and transport itself so, as he said to me the other day, “don’t worry about me, Mum, I’m in my element!” I am sure you know how I felt. Whilst he was preparing to do this work, Charlotte, our daughter, decided that she would also like to become a courier, but more localised, if possible. She has now completed her first week and, when the boss of the company that supplies most of their work asked her how she felt about it, she replied, “I love it!” So, I am sure you know how I felt about that too. They both love not knowing where they will be going next, love the freedom of it as it’s certainly not a nine to five, the feeling that they’re in charge as they are working for themselves and they can discuss it with each other too! I’ve been out with both of them and enjoyed it enormously. Robin is very interested too – he’s also on the phone asking where they are and where they’re going next. So, I wish them lots of success, lots of enjoyment and really hope it will be lucrative for them.

How are all of you? Very well, I hope. Since making a new website, some of you will know that I have a Facebook page. I didn’t really want one for myself, I just wanted one for the hotel. However, I have to say that I have seen some very interesting people on there, (some of whom are very kind-hearted indeed), and it’s so nice to hear the latest news from friends, especially those who have become friends through the hotel, and of businesses, new and old. I post this blog on there too, (you may be reading it on Facebook now), so, if you read this and think any of your friends might like to read it too, perhaps it could lead to their enjoying a lovely holiday with us, please share it with them. You may even decide to ultimately visit together – our hotel lends itself to large groups, some guests have even booked the whole place before!

I’m going to sign off now and really hope to see you soon. If you are thinking of visiting our little hotel, send Robin an e-mail on with your prospective dates, or complete the booking form on this website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until the next time, very best wishes