6 June 2019

Hi Everybody

Welcome to our site and our blog. If you are thinking of staying, look at our accommodation which offers lots of variety to suit most tastes. If you have any worries or queries, write to Robin with your proposed dates at robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with the answers and availability.

I have been writing this blog since August 2006 and rarely missed, but I caught an awful bug last month in the UK and was hardly into it when my mother of 94 also caught it, so I obviously had to make sure that she was okay before myself. She didn’t have as much strength as me and I was greatly worried about her. She lost her appetite and lots of weight. However, we muddled through and I’m hugely pleased to say that she has turned the corner and is now looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I am left with a cough, but very much hope that that will be gone as soon as possible.

I bumped into Mark yesterday in Norwich who said how much he and Jan had enjoyed their stay at our little hotel earlier in the year. He also said how marvellous the staff were and this was music to my ears. I have always been so proud of them and it is great to hear that they are carrying on the tradition.

Ian & Rosemary and Damian & Kirsty were back yet again recently and Robin was very pleased to see them. He is also looking forward to seeing Peter, Jane & Ian. He’s seen lots of return guests this year and the feedback has been tremendous, not only from return guests, of course, but from new ones too. In fact, lots of them have said that they will be return guests very shortly!

Last month there was a huge meeting to consider the Walking Street. It was mooted that no traffic would be allowed, not even parking, between the hours of 6pm and 10pm. Also, only villagers would be allowed to have stalls. Some sort of market and entertainment would be available most evenings and taxis would have a set price for people leaving the village, although nothing was said about them arriving. As of this date, only the Friday Walking Street has continued. Apparently, the police and army are in agreement, but the tessaban – like a local council – are taking their time over a decision.

Very sad news about Supee’s son. He is at home now, but doesn’t seem to be improving at all from his motorbike accident. Devastating news for her and us all. If you say your prayers at all, please pop one in for him.

Everyone from Norwich was ecstatic over the promotion of their football team in the Premier League. It was very funny that, after the game, Robin was interviewed on the radio in Koh Samui and the next person to be interviewed was Michael, our son, in Norwich!

Also, Robin is now transfixed on the cricket. No doubt many of you are.

Meanwhile, I read this the other day: ‘Travelling is like flirting with life.’ Isn’t that marvellous?

Koh Samui awaits you. Especially our little hotel.

Until the next time, take care of yourselves.