4 March 2016

Bar and Pool at The Waterfront
Bar and Pool at The Waterfront


Hi There!

I am writing this from my desk looking out on a beautiful, sunny Samui. I arrived back yesterday to a warm welcome, not only from the weather, but from our fantastic guests and staff.

Big hugs from Sharon and Mark who are here again and will undoubtedly be back next year; more from Michael and Margaret who have been back again and are hoping to come back next year too – if they can fit in a holiday here with a celebratory family one in Mexico and I have a feeling that they will;  Stuart and Lynn have been on their first visit to Thailand and, just before they left this morning, they said that they would definitely be coming back next year as they’ve loved it so much; Peter and Dot left the day before yesterday – Peter said that I’d planned my return on purpose, especially to miss them which, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth – and they usually visit biennially, but are already talking about coming back next year when, of course, I have every intention of being here; Tricia and Peter visited again recently and have already booked again for next year – Tricia: Michael told me that you’re having a problem with your leg? I hope it clears up poste haste! Poor you!; Brigit and Russ were here again and Russ was off catching humungous fish at Top Cats, as usual, plus I noticed on Facebook that they were both enjoying a very social life here and good for them;  Michael and Maureen were here too, no doubt laughing their way through their holiday, and they have booked again for next year; David and Veronica were back again and, after saying about ten years ago that they never visit anywhere the second time, have been back every year since; Peter and Grethe were here again and loved it; Carol and Nick were back again and had a great time; Kate and Tim were also back again and also enjoyed themselves; Richard and Jenny were back too, with their sons this time, and a good time was had by all; Kathryn and Steve were back yet again, always nice to see them and listen to Kathryn’s stories; David and Rose were here again, another delightful couple who have also booked for next year and were here this time with their daughter, Charlene, and her husband, Paul, so I should think a good time was definitely had by all; Sandra was back again even though she has problems walking – such a beautiful and positive woman – and she’s already booked for next year too! Just saw Gordon and Jeanette who last came to visit in 2004.  Gordon can’t travel too well these days and they decided to go back to somewhere that they really loved and here they are! Honestly, we are so lucky to have such lovely guests.

Hugs and kisses from Cooking, (Khun Arom), Khun Orr, Khun At, Khun Mau, Khun Serm, Khun Carol, Khun Fon, Khun Raine, Khun Pa, Khun Som – whom I find has a new boyfriend and she looks so happy because of it! – Khun Supee, Khun Gong, Khun Lot and Khun Yen plus Khun Fah who helps in the Waterfront Apartments and at the hotel on a part-time basis. They’re all wonderful staff, they really are.  And they can even read minds too as I was thinking of ordering a decaffeinated Cappuccino yesterday- we do really good ones here – and one arrived almost immediately! Amazing, that’s what they are.

The hotel looks great. Lots of sun beds down on the beach which has been swept and is really clean, the gardens have grown, but are manicured, the bar is well stocked and polished, the saline pool is crystal clear and inviting, the comfortable pool chairs and footstools are beautifully clean and their cushions puffed and waiting, the decking area sports freshly varnished tables and chairs, the reception is tidy and inviting, the rooms are full or ready to be full and there’s a lovely, relaxing, friendly atmosphere which I slipped into straightaway.

For those of you who haven’t been here before, we have eighteen rooms right at the beach with a stunning view of the sea and outlying islands. We’re also just a saunter from excellent restaurants, bars and boutiques in our charming village of Bophut, also known as Fisherman’s Village. Last evening, Robin and I visited Link, the restaurant where Classico used to be. They’ve made many changes there and I was so impressed.  The food was excellent too.  Plus there’s now a little seating area amongst the trees opposite The Happy Elephant, which is proving to be a very popular little spot to rest awhile and partake of something refreshing. It’s actually Walking Street tonight and we have been invited over to Freedom Bar opposite who are celebrating seven years on the island.

Thus, our little hotel and our little village are carrying on in their own special way and I am very glad that so many guests enjoy them and continue coming back. Would you like to join us sometime soon? Just send your prospective dates to Robin at robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the bookings form on our website and you too could be sauntering along the street to dine.

We’d love to see you.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes