31 July 2013


Hello everyone! How lovely to be speaking to you again! It gives me such a warm feeling to know that lots of you read these notes every two weeks so that you can keep up with the comings and goings of our little hotel.

We’ve had some smashing people here like David Chandler and his family who took up three rooms, Antony who works in Bangkok and who was recommended to stay with us by Kenny, a very popular guest of ours who has also stayed several times with his sister and parents, and then Alan, Christine and Kieran – yet another lovely family. All the best with your studies, Kieran!

We’ve had Tom, Sue, Billy and Liz here again. They said that they’d had a great time and would definitely be back next year. I’m reading your book, The Woman He Loved Before, Sue, and enjoying it very much. Hope you’re enjoying your little grandson – he sounds and looks marvellous – and hope the christening went well. We’ve also had Chris, Debs, Connie and Grace yet again and, whilst they were here, Connie celebrated her 18th birthday. They all decided to hold a party at the hotel which went swimmingly, not literally thankfully, although I think it was a pretty near thing. Peter and Sharon accompanied them this time and they loved the whole experience too, so we hope to see them in the future as well. Peter was originally from Norwich so there was a lot of chat about that part of the world. Paul and Jan are back again too, even for the second time this year, and it has been a pleasure seeing them. They brought my magazine and, again, would not let me pay for it. They also brought a Sunday Telegraph which we devoured. We haven’t been able to get the Telegraph here for a while – we’ve had to take the Times instead – and we’ve never been able to get the weekend supplements so it was a real treat. They’ve been having lots of chats with Glyn and Emi, also big returnees and also a lovely couple. Glyn’s daughter and family are going to join them next time too. Also Suzanne, Paul, Nathan and Holly are back again – you know it’s so fantastic when our guests come back to see us. To know that we are able to provide a happy holiday for such lovely people and that they enjoy it so much that they want to repeat the experience again and again is such a marvellous feeling. Thank you all so much!

We’ve had lots of sunshine, but quite a bit of rain too which hasn’t been perfect. We always feel so sad for the guests if the weather isn’t 100%, but they’re still sporting suntans so it couldn’t have been too bad, especially if they’re talking about coming back next year!

Lots of guests have been asking on arrival about Little Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier. Well, he is much fitter again now and is looking very smart as I gave him a haircut the other day. Also, because we have been busy, Robin and I have been moving from room to room and even had to move out of the hotel last week, but our own apartment will be ready for us again later today. We lived on site in the early days, then moved off site for about four and a half years and have been back again for nearly two years now. Being able to get to work in a flash and home in a moment makes life so much easier. I love our apartment, but that Honeymoon Room/Superior Room is super. If you get the opportunity to stay in it, I should take it. It’s not very much more expensive than a normal room, but has a picture window with a view of the outlying islands as well as twin showers, twin basins and a lovely private area outside which is only steps from the beach. I’d be quite happy to live there. I know lots of you love the room and try to book it if you can and I totally agree. You certainly don’t need to be on honeymoon!

So we have yet another future King of England, little George. How marvellous! What an eventful year it has been! We’ve had lots of good sport too. Cricket starts again on Thursday, so I’ll be there supporting our team. Then we have football too and you know l’m quite a convert these days. I am very pleased to say that there’s always something going on and lots to look forward to.

Have you lots to look forward to? If you haven’t booked your next holiday, why not spend it at our little hotel? We’d love to see you. Just write to Robin with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability then you can go online for the best deals on airfares. It really is that simple. Don’t forget that we pick you up from Samui airport too. Definitely fly to Koh Samui though – don’t fly to Suratthani airport as it’s on the mainland and involves hours of unnecessary travel. We definitely don’t pick up from there!

Give it some thought. Some serious thought. But don’t take too long – especially if you’d like to stay in the Honeymoon Room . . .

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes