31 January, 2015




Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re keeping on good form and enjoying life!  If not, book yourself a holiday, pronto.  Come and spend some time at our hotel and just  r-e-l-a-x. We have eighteen rooms all by the beach with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands; lots of comfortable chairs and sunbeds around the pool and on the beach; a great cook who’ll make you mouthwatering dishes; super staff who will cater to your every need and then Robin and I, of course, not only quietly beavering in the background and making sure the wheels are well oiled, but always ready to chat and help in any way necessary.

We’ve had lots of return guests here like Alan & Lin, Russ & Brigit, Stewart & Janice, Angelina & Margerita, Rod & Jo and Carol & John; Robin & Kathleen arrived today with friends, Bob & Brenda, Dave & Rose arrive later today and there are more soon on the way like Peter & Tricia, Estelle & Richard, Clive & Lyn, David & Veronica, Sandra, Michael & Margaret, Maureen & Michael, Gary & Sara, Mark & Sharon, Kathryn & Steve, Richard & Jacqui, Carole & Glen, David & Jill, Ronnie & Anne, Joe & Jaci and Graham & Jennifer, so lots of laughter and merriment  is on the menu at this hotel.  How marvellous! Dave & Anne were coming back again in March, but poor Anne is having an operation and can’t travel for twelve weeks.  I hope it goes well, Anne!  We look forward to seeing you when you’re better!

Our friends from the UK, Trevor & Maureen, have been enjoying their stay and so have we because we’ve been out ourselves rather more than usual.  We’ve been to Beach Republic for their fantastic Sunday Buffet and taken in a tour of the island, stopping a couple of times for liquid refreshment before stopping for yet another at the Santiburi Golf Club.  Even if you don’t play, it’s certainly worth a visit because the views are tremendous and you can partake of a drink or enjoy some food too, if you wish. We’ve dined at the lovely Prego as well as the inexpensive, but more than acceptable Wine Connection in Chaweng, the wonderful Barracuda now in The Wharf in Bophut, the excellent Classico in the village, the very, very good Picasso in Maenam and the also very, very good Ocean Eleven in Bangrak. We’ve enjoyed a drink in The Wharf, sat and sipped on the beach at Enjoy, had a tipple at The Irish Bar and Irish Times, as well the Bondi bar and Henry Africa in Chaweng.  We’ve also been to a Lady Boy show which was amusing.  So, we’ve certainly been out and about.  Trevor & Maureen have been amazed at the quality of the food here and have had a great time.  It has been a special treat for us too.  They left this morning, after yet another very enjoyable evening, and shall be very sadly missed.

Two further culinary treats have been with Cooking, (real name Khun Arom), our very own cook at the hotel.  She has taken a spot in the Friday Market and has one table for guests, or two at a push.  She will cook a very tasty meal for next to nothing and we’ve loved our two visits there – I enjoyed chicken with mixed vegetables the first week and squid the second which was cooked to perfection.  We intended going again last night, but she sold out before we got there!  Good for her though. The market has really grown and, where the once ugly area across the road stood forlorn behind a tumbling down fence, it has regenerated into a bustling hive of activity on a Friday. A little street has appeared to the left, like a Phoenix from the ashes, edged with stall after stall until you come to Cooking’s at the end on the left hand side.  Khun Orr, her son and one of our reception team, is there to serve and his wife helps behind the scenes – although it isn’t behind the scenes actually as you can see everything that’s going on.  Certainly worth a visit to eat outside in a happy and bustling atmosphere.  It’s a wider area there with more space to breathe and relax than there is on the main market street running through the village which can get quite packed with stallholders and shoppers, making the pace very slow indeed.  Last night was a really busy one.

Now, you may not believe this, but I have started using the gym.  Yes!  And daily, if I can.  Cycling away, cross-training away and weight lifting away too.  The old heart hasn’t been as excited as this for ages! I haven’t dared step on the treadmill yet though.  It will come though, it will come.  I’m feeling much better for it, I can tell you.  I’m quite pleased with myself actually.

Rod & Jo came to stay about four years ago and were hoping to open a pub in Lavenham, Suffolk.  They were very excited about the future and had made lots of plans.  Now they’re back and have been telling us all about their Wine Bar & Kitchen called Number Ten which is in Lady Street. They’re loving their new life and I am so pleased for them as they are a fantastic couple.  They said that they’d really needed a holiday for some time and the first and only place they could think of having one was at The Waterfront.  Honestly, remarks like these bring tears to my eyes, they really do.  Trevor, Maureen and I are thinking of visiting them when I return to the UK next time as we’d all love to see them in their beautiful Grade One Listed building.  Jolly good luck to them!  I love to hear of people doing well, don’t you? If you’re anywhere near there, I should make a beeline for it.

If YOU feel like a holiday, why not come and see us too?  Just send Robin an e-mail with your preferred dates on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the booking form on our website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

We’d love to see you.

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes