30 September 2014

Hi everyone! Lovely to speak to you again.

The weather is superb in Koh Samui and, even though we have a microclimate, it seems that the sunshine is all around the island. There’s a really laid-back atmosphere in Bophut just now and all the guests are relaxed and enjoying their stay. Many have booked for a return visit, in fact we’re receiving lots of bookings throughout the next twelve months from both old and new guests which is fantastic and we are so looking forward to seeing them all. If you haven’t been to see us before and you’re thinking of coming, we think you’ll love the ambience of our charming little village with its excellent restaurants, bars and boutiques, the breathtaking view of the sea and outlying islands from our little hotel with its eighteen rooms which are almost on the beach, our clean and well-kept rooms with facilities often only found in a 5-star hotel, our lovely saline pool surrounded by comfy reclining chairs and footstools with lots of sunbeds just beyond on the beach, a great breakfast and an all-day menu and, last but certainly not least, lovely, helpful, smiling staff who do their best to make your stay one to remember. We’ll also pick you up from and take you back to the airport free of charge.

I am in the UK just now, helping our son in his search for employment and it’s not going too badly at all. Having spent hours on the internet and pounds on petrol and phone credit in only a week, thankfully we are beginning to see the wood for the trees – we think. Everyone keeps asking him why on earth he would wish to swap paradise for the hustle and bustle of western life. Well, he feels that he would like to give his 4-year old daughter a better education and more opportunities and who can argue with that? He is going to work as hard as he can to earn as much as he can in order to make a home for her and his partner and, when his partner has improved her English, the visa arrangements will begin. His daughter, my special little granddaughter, Lina, already has a dual passport, so there’s no problem there. Michael misses his girls hugely, but is determined to make a success of it here and, although I shall miss him in Samui, (as will many of the guests they have told me), I respect his decision and hope that all his plans will come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Chris and Lamai with their little son, Daniel, are all in the UK now. It’s early days for Lamai and Daniel as yet, having only arrived a couple of days after us, but all seems to be going well. Chris says his new job is going well too. I wish them all the best.

We’re still receiving lots of positive feedback about the new website. I am so pleased you like it. Do tell us if you think of anything we could add or improve. Unfortunately though, I am having to delete a huge amount of spam on a daily basis from the comments on my blog page so I may decide to delete that facility. Such a shame, I know, especially when Peter and Dot left such a lovely comment, but life is too busy and precious to waste time in this manner – enough time is already lost on doing a similar job with our e-mails. No doubt many of you have a similar problem. The internet has so many positives, I suppose we have to put up with the negatives too.

So, when are you coming to see us then? Have you dusted down your bikini and shorts as I asked you? Did you look at your diary for the next few months? If not, start to think about it at least. Just send Robin an e-mail or complete our new booking form on the website with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

And, before too long at all, you could be in paradise too.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes