30 June 2014


Hello from sunny Thailand!

Yes, I’m back again and, as usual, the hotel seems even more beautiful than the last time. All is clean and sparkling too. The gardens are mature and well manicured, the buildings are bright and freshly painted, the pool is well maintained and inviting, the beach is swept and waiting for guests to fill its sunbeds, the bar is polished and fully stocked, the tables and chairs have been repaired or replaced, in fact all is ready to welcome you, as usual. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll often feel more looked after in a family-run hotel. If things need to be done, they’re done. Straightaway. That goes the same if you needed help or were unlucky enough to have a problem – we’d be onto it and looking for a solution without delay.

Michael took me to see the new Festival Central shopping mall in Chaweng the day after I arrived. Some beautiful shops are there as well as beauty parlours, hairdressers, restaurants, a food hall and a Tops supermarket which sells some mouth-watering fare. It’s all very smart and very calm compared to the razzmatazz in the street outside, but there are not many customers around. Whether Samui actually needed or can maintain a shopping mall of this nature remains to be seen. Let’s hope that the high season sees a more robust atmosphere. Many people have invested in it and I really wish them success.

Robin and I passed by for a snack and drink there last night. We sampled a snack in the Food Hall – Robin had Indian, I had Italian – then a drink at the Belgian Zazen’s, which looked very attractive with its chandeliers and lush decor inside although we were outside sitting under a canopy more or less like a street cafe really, and a drink in Wine Connection which has mini infinity pools between the seating, not for swimming I hasten to add, just for atmosphere. We had arranged to meet at the last venue so that Robin could move the car as the mall is open from 11am to 11pm and it was a couple of minutes to closing time. Robin arrived looking rather flushed, however. Apparently, he had just missed being run over by a motorbike. I don’t think the beer touched the sides.

As I’ve been in the UK for a while, I had put the new website on the back burner, but now I have to make a decision and have decided to go with it. The photos are not quite as good as we had hoped, (we should have asked you, Hubert – hope the leg is better!), but we can always improve on them at a later date. The website designers have been very helpful indeed even though I’ve kept them waiting and we’re having another meeting on Wednesday. So, possibly the next time you read my blog, or more likely the time after that, you’ll be greeted by a new page. I hope you like it. There may be an opportunity for you to comment on there too or leave a message for each other.

Joe & Jacqui are back again tomorrow and it’ll be super to see them again. Sue & Tom and Billie & Liz are coming back within the next few days and just thinking of Sue brings a smile to my face. She’s always laughing, in fact they all are to be truthful. Lovely people. Perfect guests. But then, most of our guests are perfect. It’s amazing really.

Why don’t you come to see us too? You can send Robin an e-mail telling him your prospective dates, or complete the bookings form on the Enquiries page of this website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. You could be soaking up the sun in no time.

Until the next time, or if I see you before then, take good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes