30 August 2014

Hi everyone! Glad to say hello again from this little paradise.

The weather has been wonderful and everyone has been enjoying their stay with us. Lots of them have either been booking for their next visit or say that, once they have finalised their plans, they are definitely coming back. All fantastic news.

We’ve had Alan and Mandy staying with us again, but this time they brought their little granddaughter, Alicia, who was in the pool for most of her holiday and, consequently, so were they. Alan said that it was much more pleasurable bringing her to a smaller hotel where the staff were interested and friendly and where she felt confident and able to relax. Having been here lots of times themselves, they were so pleased Alicia loved it too and are hoping to do it all again next year.

Have just heard that Alan and Lyn are coming back next year too. It will be great to see them again. Did I say that Chris and Beryl are coming back next year as well? You know, I call all these people guests which they are, of course, but quite frankly they all become friends and are a huge pleasure to see.

I mentioned Peter and Dot recently and also Steve and Jean, as we were wondering how they were doing – four wonderful guests who’ve also stayed lots of times, by the way. We had a very newsy e-mail from Peter and Dot who are fine and living life to the full and an even longer one from Steve and Jean who have changed their lifestyle and who are also having a great time. It was great hearing from both couples and we hope to see them all in the not too distant future. I would just mention Jose who was supposed to be coming here again with Vero next year, but he hasn’t been too well of late and so they have had to postpone their trip. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them both at the bar as soon as he is well enough to travel. We’ve met some marvellous people here and love welcoming them back. It really has been a great eleven years.

Two bits of sad news this time. Some of you may have met Nigel, an English gentleman who loved his cricket and who frequented many of the bars in the village, mostly The Shack where he would sit at the bar and support Larry, the owner there, or more likely pull his leg most of the time. Sadly, and a huge shock, (even though he had been ill), Nigel died last week and I went to his funeral on Sunday which was well attended by many of his friends. Thursdsay night, even more shockingly, we heard that Larry himself had died and we are all lost for words. So many of our guests will have known Larry as his restaurant always seemed to be an important holiday venue at which to enjoy an excellent steak and other mouth-watering dishes and he had a way about him which would always make you laugh – he and Robin always loved to joke with each other. He had been suffering with ill health for quite a while and Robin would joke that he had a season ticket to the hospital. Poor Larry! We had been friends ever since we arrived. He started his restaurant the same week we opened the hotel. So, another funeral and a great loss to us all.

Lamai, our receptionist, has secured her visa to join Chris, her husband, in the UK. She will be leaving with their son, Daniel, at the end of September. We wish her well and hope that they will be very happy in their new life. For those of you who do not know, Chris was a many times guest here, they fell in love, he moved out here, they married here last year, had Daniel last year and then decided, after Chris had been working here for three years, to return to the UK. It seems odd not seeing him here at lunchtime and will seem even more odd that Lamai is not here either. Good luck to them all. I believe they’re already planning their next year’s holiday at The Waterfront.

All these friends coming back. Have you thought about coming back or coming to see us for the first time? We’d love to see you. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

And, next time, I am promised that the new website will be ready and live. Fingers crossed.

Very best wishes