30 August 2013


Hello! Is it really two weeks since my last posting? This life just flies by, doesn’t it?

It’s been busy here with lots of lovely guests coming and going. The feedback has been extremely positive with many return bookings being made too. How lovely!

Why come to stay at our little hotel? Because it has only eighteen rooms, is right at the beach with a superb view of the outlying islands, it’s always clean and in tip-top condition, generally quiet, has very friendly and helpful staff, (many of whom have been with us for years), has many amenities that a five-star offers, (but not at five-star prices), you’re treated as an important and valued guest here and not as an impersonal number which you may have experienced before in larger hotels, you’re picked up from and taken back to the airport free of charge as well as being given a complimentary beer, glass of wine, gin and tonic or something similar on arrival, you’re able to have a proper English breakfast cooked to order until 11am, (included in your room rate), great food all day until 6.30pm, free internet is available as well as free wi-fi all over the hotel, we’ve a good and inexpensive laundry service which is worthwhile taking advantage of before you return home so that you can put your clean clothes straight into your wardrobe for your next trip, (that’s certainly worth considering), great massages and manicures/pedicures are available AND a bar that stays open until late. Robin and I live at the hotel so are here most of the time to chat, often socialise at the bar, answer questions, help you and assure you, but not to overwhelm you or encroach on your privacy. In a nutshell, you’ll have everything at your fingertips and at a fair price too. Oh, and our weather is great most of the year, we’re steps away from excellent restaurants for dinner in our charming village of Bophut, (the jewel in the crown of Samui, we always say), with a Friday Walking Street that guests love and even book their holidays around sometimes – ring any bells, Emi??

So, when are you coming to see us? Give it some thought and send Robin an e-mail. He’ll write straight back with our availability and it can all be organised in no time.

Goodness me! I forgot to mention the most important ingredient of all. Our guests. You’ll meet them when you come and, whether they’ve been here before or are on their first visit, I guarantee you’ll be impressed. We always seem to get the best ones here! Of course, you don’t have to chat to anyone at all – that’s up to you – but you’ll miss out on the great friendly atmosphere that so many of our guests love. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not a constant party, no, not at all. Our guests love the peaceful surroundings. It’s just a small hotel where you can settle in and feel at home straightaway.

See you soon? I really hope so.

Take very good care of yourselves and, as usual, I’ll write again in a couple of weeks.

Very best wishes