30 April 2014


Hello! How are you? I’m absolutely fine – enjoying Norwich, as usual, especially as I’m with my mother and daughter, of course.

My poor husband has a different story. As you will probably know, Norwich did not win against Manchester United last weekend and, when Man U first scored, Robin was so annoyed and frustrated that he banged his hand on the table. It hurt a little that evening and a little the next day, but was beginning to hurt quite a lot the next day, so he visited the hospital. They immediately x-rayed it and found a couple of cracked bones in the back of his hand, so now he has his hand and part of his arm in plaster. As if that were not enough, he had a very bad pain in his stomach today, so visited the hospital for a second time. It’s not serious, thankfully, and he should be on the mend in no time. Hopefully, things will not come in threes. A win from Norwich would see him making a miraculous recovery, I am sure.

As I told you last time, Ian & Rosemary from Dubai have been staying again and had a great time. Sue & Geordie and their friends Jack & Annie are coming back next March and Ronnie & Anne are coming back in February when their friends, Stuart & Janice, visit too. We’re looking forward to seeing them all again and are so happy that they enjoyed their recent trip enough to book again so soon. Bob and Jan, who have stayed so many times, are also coming back in March and it’ll be great to catch up on all their news too.

If any of you look on Trip Advisor or any agent site and see our hotel being offered at a cheaper or different price, we assure you that every price is ultimately the same, whether you book direct or through an agent. Agents often calculate prices differently and then tax is added, but they all end up the same. All we would say about this is that, if you do decide to book through an agent, we can’t give you a personal advisory service during your booking – we often can’t even contact you – so do bear that in mind, especially as you’re paying exactly the same as you would if you contacted us direct.

Very hot in Samui just now – an arm in plaster can’t be very comfortable! But, if you’re plaster-free, I suggest you think about staying in the near future. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

We look forward to seeing you.

Very best wishes