3 September 2017

Hi Everyone

How are YOU? I do hope you’re well and trying to do as many of those things that make life enjoyable.  If you’ve been putting off one or two things until the ‘right’ time comes along, why not tell yourself that the time has indeed come and do them now? Buy that camera. Buy that bicycle. Take that class. Go on that holiday. If you can’t afford it, start saving today, bit by bit. If you’ve been telling yourself that you should cut down or even stop your smoking and/or drinking, why not tell yourself that now is the time? Just think how much healthier and richer you’ll be in a week, a month, a year? I haven’t had any alcohol for four weeks now and I feel great, (apparently, it takes 10 days to leave your system). I feel so relaxed and bursting with energy, well, probably not bursting if I’m honest, but far more energetic anyway! I’m not saying that I’m giving alcohol up forever, but I’m very positive. I enjoyed some mocktails yesterday and they were delicious! I also told you in my last news that I’d started running.  Well, I ran and walked over 21 miles in the first eight days and have hardly been able to walk since! You’re allowed to laugh.  I deserve it. Obviously, it was too much, too soon. How stupid am I? Anyway, I’m on the mend and have new trainers patiently waiting for my return. It shouldn’t be too long now. Meanwhile, I’m going for a swim tomorrow which is something else I’d like to start doing on a regular basis. I am of the mind these days that it’s not worth putting things off.

Whether you like to run or swim, cycle, take photographs or paint, you can start or continue anywhere in the world and especially Koh Samui. Our hotel is at the end of a lovely street which is parallel to the sea, but you walk through our archway and you are greeted with the most fantastic view of our gardens, the beach, the sea and the outlying islands. It is absolutely breathtaking. Our eighteen rooms all have this view as we have a wide frontage with sun beds on the beach, comfy chairs and footstools around the gorgeous 12×6 metre saline pool and in the gardens, a fully-stocked outside bar with a 360 degree view, an outside decking area with tables where you can choose from our menu of tasty food and drinks and a relaxing sala reception area with sofa and chairs and a library. The varied rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and have TV, DVD, a safe, dressing gown, tea and coffee-making facilities, water, beers, soft drinks, hangers, towels, hairdryer, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, adapter and a lighter for smoking on the balcony or for lighting a candle there to provide an extra romantic glow in the evenings even though we have very attractive lighting in the hotel grounds and on the beach.

We’re just steps away from excellent restaurants, bars, boutiques and spas, but are at the peaceful end of the street so it’s easy to relax.  The only evening that isn’t relaxing, but still very enjoyable, is Friday Walking Street when hundreds of stalls line our street, selling everything imaginable, with cocktail bars and live music too, and our guests often try to fit as many Fridays as possible into their holiday.  Also, there are lots of trips and tours available and you can hire a car or a car and a driver if you would prefer. There are motorbikes too, of course, but we don’t recommend them for safety reasons, but of course it’s up to you. Charlotte, our daughter, who has been helping Robin again over the last few weeks, loves the new High Park Slide and Fly water park which was ‘awesome’ apparently. She was over on Koh Phangan recently for their Half Moon Party which was ‘soooo good’ as was the Backstage Party at the W hotel the other day.  Needless to say, there are plenty of great things to do if you’re a 25-year old and plenty of things to do if you’re  . . . an older person!

I went to see Margaret in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago.  Margaret lost her lovely husband, Michael, in March.  They’d been visiting us for many years and become very good friends both to us and many guests too.  It was great seeing her.  We had a coffee in one place and then adjourned to another for lunch.  We hardly paused for breath! I’m so pleased I went.  I was lucky as our son, Michael, was driving to see Norwich play at Aston Villa, (yes, I know, awful performance from Norwich), and I was able to go with him and then hobble to catch a 10-minute train from Witton to Birmingham New Street.

Also, I am happy to say that Jack – of the marvellous couple, Annie & Jack who always visit us with Sue & Geordie –  is on the mend from his awful experience of DVT on a recent long haul flight. They’re coming to see us again next year if they can or definitely in 2019 and it’ll be great to hear Jack’s beautifully infectious laugh once again.  Chad and Christine were here again too.  They were last here on their honeymoon and have returned with their four children! Fantastic! We’ve also had four wonderful guests, the two Davids, Robert & Sam who have been filling the place with laughter. Robert, who is a physio, has been giving everybody massages! Paul & Jan are due again shortly and everyone is looking forward to seeing them.  I should love to be back in time.

Please don’t forget to try to put any lovely reviews you have posted to various sites over onto Trip Advisor. This helps us so much. And may I ask, if you’re reading this on Facebook, to share with your friends?  Every little helps and you may just put somebody in touch with us who absolutely loves it here and even becomes a seasoned returnee – all at the touch of a button.

If you’d like to come and stay, just send your prospective dates in an e-mail to Robin on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or click on the Contact Us button on our Book Now page or even book straightaway on that page.  He will write straight back with our availability or send a confirmation of your booking. Don’t forget, we have an Autumn and a Spring promotion offering a 10% discount, so pop the code in the box when you book.

We look forward to seeing you.

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes