3 October 2018

Hi Everyone!

October already, I can’t believe it. What are you doing with yourselves? Living in the moment is the latest trend in wellbeing and very good it is too, if you can manage to keep it up for a longish period.  I did crack it a couple of years ago and wanted to tell everyone about my secret, but suddenly found that I had reverted to thinking mostly about the future and intermittently about the past. But the present is actually our life, isn’t it?.  Now.  This moment.  I often eat without savouring every mouthful and suddenly realise that I have finished my meal. Dash from one place to another without enjoying the journey. Rush through work and even leisure as though there’s a deadline. What an absurd outlook! And then I find myself saying: October already, I can’t believe it!!

Lots of you will have met Wii who has been working for us for some months now.  She is great in the office and great with the guests, so has been an excellent addition to the team and we are so pleased to have her with us.

Paul & Jan were back recently for their fourteenth visit and are returning yet again in May.  We have some real diehards at our hotel.  Amazingly they return, again and again, and we love it.  We love them actually.  I noticed on facebook that Stig, who has been to see us loads of time with Torill, had visited Sue & Tom, who have also been to see us loads of times, in the UK last week which was lovely as they had become acquainted at The Waterfront earlier this year. Brian is here at the moment, was here last year and was one of our first guests actually, here then with Clare who has since become his wife. Brian used to play cricket with Robin so they’ve been avidly watching it recently, but just now they’ll be on tenterhooks watching Norwich playing Derby County.

I went to my brother’s fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration last week.  My goodness! Fifty years? Where did they go? It was a great day, with lots of family and friends, good food and lots of laughter. Perfect.

Beautiful weather in Samui.  Has been for some time. There’s always a laid- back atmosphere in Fisherman’s Village too, so it’s an ideal place to unwind.  Have you thought of coming to stay? Peruse our website and see if there’s a room that takes your fancy. Then send your prospective dates to Robin at robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability and answer any questions you may have. Or you could contact us via our bookings page or even book direct on that page. Have you decided what you’re doing for Christmas? Why not treat yourself or each other to a well-earned rest? No compulsory and exorbitantly priced meals and functions at this hotel. Just escape and relaxation. What about your winter holiday, your spring break or even your summer holiday? Here we are.  Waiting to welcome you.

As Paul & Jan always say: come and be Samui’d . . .

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes