3 February 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a good January. Our weather was a bit up and down, but the last few days have been fantastic.

For those of you who don’t know, we have eighteen rooms at the beach in Fisherman’s Village, Bophut, Koh Samui. It is peaceful, relaxing, friendly and welcoming. The rooms are clean, well maintained and have easy access to the beach, pool, bar and café. There are lots of sun beds and chairs, a great menu, lovely staff and fantastic guests. Why not come and see for yourself? Many do and many keep coming back. We welcome guests from all over the world and it continues to amaze us just how much they enjoy it here and what wonderful things they say about it too.

We have two promotions running. One is a Spring Promotion from 1 May to 30 June and one is an Autumn Promotion from 1 September to 21 December. If you are thinking of booking for those dates, go to our Book Now Page and type in either SPRING2017 or AUTUMN2017 and the prices will change, showing your 10% discount. Just follow the easy steps to booking and book direct the fast and easy way! If the promotion banner is not showing on the Home Page on your computer, just refresh a couple of times, (I use Control and F5), and it should appear. Alternatively, click Contact Us on that page, send us your prospective dates and we’ll write back without delay.

Glad many of you liked our new cover photo on Facebook, (it’s the first one at the top of our website pages and shortly I intend to change some of the other photos there too). Many of you have said that it’s made you feel like coming to stay or even coming back to stay. How marvellous! We’d love to see you!

Last time, I told you that we’d had a great time with our Christmas guests. Well, we’ve had a great time with our January guests too. We’ve had a couple of birthdays, a wedding anniversary and an engagement. Chris & Beryl were back yet again and it’s always good to see them; Anth & Lynn and Glen & Lisa were here with Lynn’s brother, Stuart, his wife, Nat, their daughter, Ella, and Nat’s parents, Khun Liam and Khun Kunta, (a really lovely group of people who all intend to come back next year with even more friends and relations), and they became very friendly with Kevin & Julie, also a fantastic couple to whom we were recommended by Billy & Liz, two guests who have stayed with us many times and who normally visit with Sue & Tom who, funnily enough, have just booked again in the last twenty four hours. Kevin & Julie thoroughly enjoyed themselves, in fact they were only four hours away from departure when they changed all their flights because they couldn’t bear to leave and have already booked again for next year; Jan & Elin were here and we were also recommended to them by Anna, Jon & Oskar, here at Christmas – they loved it too and are also coming back next year; other guests we enjoyed welcoming include Mark & Jayne; Graeme & Vicki; Tony & Keiley who had become engaged just before they arrived; Peter & Jacqui; Michael & Bren; the lovely Gabriele who’s even left things here for her third visit; Piotr & Mirawslava; Victoria, Georges & Michelle; Simon & Harvey, also return guests; Jelena, Nina & Latvijas; Jason & Wiyada; Eva & Nadine; Natalia; Joe & Maureen; Hollie; Zoe & Byron; Calvin & Brittany; Marina, Simon & Kloyjai; Clemence & Renna; Lars, Pia & Maj-Britt; Sami; Henry & Iris and Lisa & Gavin; Jia & Jin; Ludovic; Colin & Lesley; Alexander & Victoria; Marie-Pierre & Michel and Marie Odile & Serge; Veronica & Pieter; Phillip & Ann; Michael; Leif & Genevieve; Maritta; Berit & Thor; Suzanna & Dorothee; Roman & Valeria; Dai, Weng & Qi; Victor & Sara and Louise & Devlin. We have many times return guests Peter & Dot, Margaret & Michael, Peter & Tricia and David & Rose and collected Brigit & Russ last evening. In the next few days, we are welcoming many times return guests Sandra, Michael & Maureen, David & Veronica and Chris & Lamai. Interestingly, our guests in January have travelled from France, Spain, Australia, China, Israel, UK, Norway, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Poland & Latvia.

I’ve been reading a bit recently on women travelling on holiday alone or as part of a group and they always want to make very sure that their holiday will be safe and welcoming. If you are thinking of travelling alone or with friends, please rest assured that our little hotel is a home from home haven where you can feel welcome, looked after and helped at all times without feeling crowded or feeling that others are being intrusive. In fact, Sandra is returning yet again in the next couple of weeks and not only does she love it here, but she has made so many friends. Give it some thought. Discuss it with your group, class or circle. You can even hire the whole hotel if you give us enough notice! We’d love to see you.

Went to a very nice Thai restaurant in Bangrak the other evening. It is run by Thomas, an Austrian gentleman, and his Thai wife, Supattra, after whom the restaurant is named. She is the chef actually and her food is delicious. I had some very tasty barracuda. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

So, it’s President Donald Trump now. Not really sure what I think of him, but he’ll certainly shake things up. Maybe he’ll surprise us all, in the right way. I hope so.

Norwich City football team has won twice on the run. Seventh in the league now. We’re keeping everything crossed. Daren’t say too much.

A little kitten has appeared in the hotel. She has been named Elsa and is now sporting a pink collar. Sweet little thing and all the guests love her. Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier, would love to be friends and, hopefully one day soon, they will be. Elsa actually chased away two large cats this morning. She’s obviously feeling very much at home.

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year and very much hope that we’ll see you soon.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes