3 April 2019

Hi Everyone

First of all, if you are thinking of staying, look at our rooms and send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com – he’ll write straight back with our availability and answer any queries you may have.

Even though I’m not at The Waterfront anymore, (Robin and the staff are there, of course), it pleases me greatly to write this monthly blog as it enables me to feel close to the guests who always gave me such pleasure over the 15 years that I was there. Obviously, there were one or two, mentioning no names, to whom we were happy to say goodbye, but we could only do our best and that best has been good enough for the majority. You may be interested to know that, in the first three months of this year, the hotel had 28 returning guests, staying a total of 250 nights, which is not bad for a boutique hotel with 18 rooms, even though I say so myself. Also, many of these guests have taken the time and trouble to write to me, or send messages via the staff, to say that they have missed me and to wish me well in my new life. I am overwhelmed by their kindness.

Gary & Sarah returned in March as did Donald & Alison, Frank & Sheila, Rosalie & Stuart, Helen & Michiel, Mark & Jan and Gerry & Jan. These are all wonderful guests, as I know only too well. Peter & Dot have booked again for next year, as have Gary & Donna. These couples became good friends last year and have seen each other in the UK, I believe. So many friendships have been forged at our little hotel. Gary & Maria, friends of Gary & Donna, booked in on Monday too. We love it when guests tell their friends, not only because of new business which is always a boon, but because it’s such a delight to meet them. I’m hoping to see Peter & Dot again in May.

Our little Supee, whose son suffered awful injuries in a motorbike accident and who is likely to remain in hospital for at least six months, is back at work and, not surprisingly, very quiet. I wish I could hug her! I bet she is hugely worried and even ill from it herself. Little Fon is off on maternity leave, ready to have her little one in April. These girls are fantastic, not only because they are kind, caring human beings whom I have been hugely thankful to know and love, but because they have been a huge credit to our little hotel, making it the environment that guests love and to which they return.

Even though the hotel is doing well, Samui is a lot quieter than usual, as is most of Thailand, apparently. Many ideas abound. One is that the Baht is very strong, especially against the Pound – again Brexit rears it ugly head. Whether you like her or whether you don’t, I have to say that I applaud Theresa May for working so hard. She was left with a dreadful situation and hasn’t let up for a moment. Realistically, could anybody else in her party or any other party have done any better?

As I am sitting here in my beautiful Georgian apartment in the UK, with my son, daughter and mother around me, I think lovingly of my last 15 years in beautiful Samui where I worked so hard with my husband to make our hotel worthy of wonderful guests. It was a dream come true for us both. I am so pleased that it continues to do well and now I have the exciting job of making more dreams come true for myself.

Very best wishes to you all.