28 November 2014




Hello!  How are you?  Beginning the Christmas countdown, or not yet? It’s Black Friday here in the UK today and there are lots of shoppers all hoping to find their would-be purchases at a knockdown  price.  By the look on their faces, some definitely have and some definitely haven’t.  Is it really worth it though?  Do we need the latest gadget, the largest TV, the best mobile, etc, etc? If we just sat back and looked at what we had, couldn’t we manage quite easily without spending even more of our hard-earned cash? Wouldn’t it take off the strain of working even harder and allow us to live in the moment, enjoy now whilst we have it and just breathe, stretch and relax? When Robin, Michael, Charlotte and I left the UK to start our little hotel in Koh Samui eleven years ago, we left with just four suitcases – one each.  We had thought of shipping a container of possessions, but all of a sudden we wondered why we would really need any of it and so decided to have a garage sale instead.  And, do you know?  We didn’t miss a thing.  Not one.  In fact, it was a freeing experience.  A new birth almost.

The Waterfront is continuing to enjoy itself with a constant flow of new and returning guests.  So, if you are feeling overworked, overstressed and over here, why not use some of that cash and come to stay with us in Samui sometime soon? We have eighteen rooms just waiting to welcome you.  We’re right at the beach with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands, a great cook, superb staff, a saline pool surrounded by comfy chairs, footstools and umbrellas, a beach bar . . . well everything you need really, all just a saunter away from excellent bars, restaurants and boutiques.  As the hotel is family-run, you are welcomed as a friend, rather than a number and you often meet new friends here too.  Like Alan and Lin who wrote this morning funnily enough.  They’re coming to stay yet again for a few weeks early next year.  They’re super guests, laughing all the time, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  We are lucky enough to welcome some fantastic guests and even luckier that they return again and again.  Why not join them?  We’d love to see you!  Just send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the booking form on this site, and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

And you could be stretched out, enjoying a cocktail, a massage, a book, a conversation, whatever, in the relaxing atmosphere of our little hotel and it would give you time to contemplate on life and decide what really is important.

Meanwhile, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes