16 June 2015

Hi Everyone! Hope these notes find you well and happy.

If you’re looking on our site for the first time, we’re right beside the beach in Bophut Fisherman’s Village where, only a saunter away, there are excellent restaurants, bars and boutiques plus the new Samui Wharf and Friday Market. We have eighteen en suite rooms and bungalows – one’s a fantastic honeymoon room/superior room with twin showers, twin basins and a fabulous picture window framing a stunning view of our sea and outlying islands; another is a honeymoon/family apartment with a huge sitting room that can also take two single beds, if required, a huge bedroom and a huge bathroom, also with twin showers and twin basins; a family bungalow with two bedrooms, a sitting room and a bathroom; a family suite with similar accommodation; two sets of two adjoining rooms, all en suite, rooms with single beds, rooms with king size beds and bungalows with queen size beds – all with great views and a stone’s throw from the beach, sea, beach/pool bar, saline swimming pool, comfy chairs and footstools, sun beds, cafe and reception. Your every whim is catered for by our fantastic staff, all of whom have been with us for years, and Robin, my husband, Michael, our son, and I all do our best too to keep the wheels turning and to welcome you to our little piece of paradise.

A few months ago, Jonathan came to see us about including us in his new holiday app called GOKohSamui. We were delighted to be chosen as part of his elite cross section so why not go to               http://bit.ly/GOKohSamui and download it free of charge? We’re in the mid-range section and there are some great photos of the hotel at the top of the page too. Great little app! We wish him every success with it.

Can’t believe we’ve been here 12 years in August or indeed that I’ve been writing these notes every fortnight for 8 years in August or that little Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier, was 10 in April! All these landmarks . . we really must live for today, mustn’t we? I’m actually practising mindfulness as much as possible, otherwise known as living in the moment, and it really does calm the mind – when I can remember, that is! Apparently, our minds can be so busy going over ‘stuff’ in the past or waiting for events in the future that we forget about the present which really, in essence, is all we have. This way of thinking – or ‘being’ actually as thinking too much is our downfall – also helps us to become more centred and to realise what does and doesn’t matter in our life. Try it and see or read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle which is fantastic. I digressed somewhat so, going back to Leo, he acts like a puppy and wins the heart of many a guest on a regular basis. I have to stop and talk to any little Yorkie when I’m the UK as it’s such a delightful breed. I’m a sucker for any dog, well any animal really, in fact I’ve read such awfully inhumane stories recently that I’m also thinking of turning vegetarian again. Yes, a new me is definitely emerging . .

For those of you who have been kind enough to ask about my my ankles, they have now fully recovered from the ghastly sprain they experienced some weeks ago, in fact I’m going to start running today in preparation for my return to the gym in Samui. Can’t have Rosemary, one of our lovely Norwich guests, being the fittest girl in town! Lunch soon, Rosemary?

Although there is Hilary, another Norwich guest, who partakes in aquarobics on a regular basis and she looked pretty fit when I lunched with her last week, I must say. She and Tony didn’t make my recent soirée so we had lots to chat about. Robin & I introduced her and Tony to each other many years ago and they’re still going strong, (of course they are, we could tell it was a match made in heaven!), in fact their daughter, Rebecca, has recently married Aaron. Gosh! It seems like yesterday that this beautiful little girl was toddling around their house in Watton.

Lovely to see lots of our guests’ news on my Facebook, like Cherry, Theressa, Sharon, Lisa, Joanna, Hayley, Brigit, Jo, Lorna, Richard, Debbie, Jonathan, Chris, Gary, Kevin, Glyn, Malin, Diane, George, Hilary, Frankie, Sean, Michael, Maureen, Pat, the other lovely Maureen, Jeff and Susan. There’s always something going on, that’s for sure! Can’t wait to see you all again

Just mentioning a few more guests, I hope that Rosie, who was also unable to be at my little Norwich event, is feeling much better. I have called into John Lewis to see her a couple of times, but have missed her. I’ll catch up with her and Steve at some point . . . feel a little glass of wine coming on. Then there’s Pete & Dot whom I hope will be visiting their daughter in Norwich sometime soon. And Mike & Liz and Laurence & Rosemary, (mentioned above), whom I also hope to see again in the next few weeks! I’ll be going to Susie’s & Aubrey’s next week for a family barbecue. Haven’t seen their daughter, also called Rebecca, for ages. Well, she’s been living in New Zealand for years. P’raps I can convince her that a family rendezvous at our little hotel would be a holiday for them all.

Do you need convincing? If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, (although plenty of activities are available like scuba diving, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, hang gliding, surfing, sand surfing, sailing, safaris, golf, yoga, cookery – the list is endless), send an e-mail to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com with your prospective dates or complete the booking form on our site and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Come and stay with friends at The Waterfront. We’d love to see you!

Very best wishes