16 June 2014


Hello! How are you today?

I’m excellent as I’m going back to my little paradise in a few days. Apparently, things are going really well there and the hotel is in great shape. If you haven’t stayed with us before, do think about doing so. We have 18 rooms and we’re right at the beach. We’ve had it for nearly eleven years and many of our staff have been with us for ages. It’s low season just now, so the cost is less too.

I arrive on Saturday and am being met by my husband, not in Samui either, in Bangkok. He is driving there in our new car. What do you think of that then? We’re having a couple of nights in Bangkok then a couple of nights in Hua Hin. Whether we stay somewhere else for a night or two after that remains to be seen. But we’ll actually be out of Samui at the same time and together too! One or two of you will be amazed at this turn of events. I must say that I am rather surprised myself. Robin is a little anxious about driving in Bangkok, but I’m sure he’ll be fine . . .

Ivan and Liz have come to stay at the hotel for the first time and are loving it. They’ve told Robin that they’ll certainly be back and that’s great to hear. However, another guest recently complained about the scruffy boss speaking loudly on the telephone during breakfast. Well, that was our son, Michael. His voice can carry on occasions, it has to be said, and he does grab the quickest thing to wear sometimes, but he’s young and full of life and, hey, would one conversation upset you so much that you’d have to broadcast it to the world? In fact, Michael’s ‘wrongdoing’ pales in comparison. And what’s that saying? If youth only knew and age only could? I wish I could, I can tell you.

I’ve had a great time with my mother and our daughter. My mother is feeling and looking much better and Charlotte’s back is improving all the time, but I’ve not managed to see some very special people like Liz and Mike, Hilary and Tony, Sue and Aubrey and Debbie and Peter. I shall have to defer my meeting them yet again until my next visit which shouldn’t be too long. My mother is 89 and deserves as much tlc as possible, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to give this to her when I’m here, especially this time when I’d been so worried about her.

Next time, I shall be in the fold. Back at The Waterfront. I hope you’ll come to see us soon as we’d love to see you. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until then, take good care of yourselves and don’t lose your way. Robin’s hoping not to, that’s for sure.

My very best wishes.