15 September 2014




Hello! How are you all? Are you surprised to see the new site? What do you think of it? Many times returnees, Anne & Dave, were impressed and think it will bring us more business, (thank you for that, Anne & Dave, we also look forward to seeing you on your next trip).  We’re pleased with it.  Actually, I am over the moon that it’s finished at last.  If you have the time and inclination, perhaps you would be kind enough to leave any feedback in the space below.  We’d love to hear about your thoughts not only on the website, but indeed about anything at all.  There is also a mobile site which is slightly different, but hopefully you’ll like that too.

We have delightful five and a half month old twins here at the moment, Lillian and Elsie, who are with their super parents, Helen and Adam. They’re staying in our Family Suite which has two bedrooms and a sitting room and they’re all enjoying it very much.  Getting quieter here now, of course, what with the onset of the low season, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference to the Friday Walking Street – it was heaving outside a couple of days ago. For those of you who don’t know, this event takes place all along the street every Friday from about 5-11pm with lots of stalls selling clothes, jewellery, ornaments, food, drinks including some very popular cocktails, and live music. It’s even more or less perpendicular to us now as they’ve smoothed out the land a little further along the opposite side of the road and have more stalls there too which is very nice indeed.  There were plans there some years ago for various houses, shops and apartments to be built and they were started, but it all came to an abrupt halt, leaving columns of concrete everywhere.  Another group of people took up a similar plan later, but that didn’t work out either, so it has been a great shame that a piece of not very attractive land, because of tree felling and detritus, has been lying dormant and on show for so long.  This should now rejuvenate the whole area which is great as far as I am concerned.

The hotel is looking super and is waiting for you to come and visit. Why not drag yourself away from the normal routine and head out here for a couple of weeks?  Or even more if you have the time on your hands, in which case you could always stay at The Waterfront  Apartments just across the road which have a sitting room and self-catering facilities too. Give it some thought.  Flights are easy to book and will be cheaper this time of the year.

Because of, or you could say despite the current world situation, I have become an avid, almost obsessive follower of world events. Robin goes off to sleep with the fuzzy image of me clutching my iphone and awakes with me in more or less the same position.  I don’t study it all night, I hasten to add, but obviously don’t need quite as much sleep as he does.  I search on every news site available to find the very latest news and what the opinions on it are and there is so much going on at the moment, that normally I then fall off to sleep, absolutely exhausted.  If only burning the midnight oil would burn the calories too, this would be a perfect pastime albeit a very depressing one at the moment.

Robin would like you to know that Norwich are second in the championship league. He would also like you to know that I am not so interested this year.  This has been true, I have to admit.  Well, it was their promotion to the Premier League that fired my interest in the first place.  Having left it has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.  However, having heard about their win 4:2 against Cardiff on Saturday which makes them second overall, (sorry, Glyn from Cardiff . . . how’s it going, Emi?), and having seen them on the BBC Highlights yesterday, I think I could be getting my mojo back as far as they are concerned.  Robin will be very cynical about this turn of events and I’ll be accused of being a fair weather supporter, no doubt.  I can take it.

My next news will be from the UK. Yes, I am back there again, but I shall let you know the comings and goings of our little hotel as I keep up with it on a day to day basis.

I leave you with a little job to do. Look at your diary and see where you can fit in a little trip over to see us.  Send these prospective dates to Robin who will write straight back with our availability.  Then you can book your flights, dust down your bikini and swimming shorts, fish out a few clothes and pack your suitcase ready for the off.

When you arrive, all you have to do is to wait for that fantastic Samui feeling to wash right over you.

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes