15 October 2013


Hi everyone! Hope I find you in fine fettle!

We have been closed for a couple of weeks as the old pool is no more and the new pool is taking shape. Our builders are doing a fantastic job and we think that the work will probably be finished before the expected date, although we don’t wish to tempt fate so are keeping everything crossed. It should be fantastic when it’s finished and make such a difference to the swimming experience. We hope so anyway. Can’t decide yet whether to replace all the plants around the pool, (I do love gardens), or whether to leave it more open so that it’s easier to see the pool, the beach and the sea with one sweep of the eye. It seems more spacious that way. We shall see.

Anne and Dave were a bit worried about the Bophut water park I mentioned in my last notes, but I wrote back to them to tell them not to worry. It’s not a gigantic water park with lots of huge equipment over a huge area, it’s a small area in the sea just outside Starfish & Coffee with a few inflatables which is open only during the day. The beach is usually very quiet during the day too as very few people sunbathe along there and, if diners are enjoying lunch in the restaurants, I can’t see that it would be a disruptive problem at all – probably enjoyable to watch actually.

One or two people have asked me to post photos on the website and I am hoping to be doing this in the near future, in fact we are thinking of updating our website altogether which will make all these sorts of things much easier.

The staff are enjoying lots of time off although we are keeping a skeleton team to keep the hotel generally clean and, when the pool is finished, our girls and boys will be back again. I must say that it’s very quiet here without them! When they return, they’ll check that everything is in tip-top condition so that we can have business as usual. I am really looking forward to seeing our new pool in use and I hope you all like it too.

Have you organised your next holiday? If you haven’t, why not come and stay with us? I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Just send Robin an e-mail or click onto the bookings page on this website with your prospective dates and he’ll reply in no time at all with our availability.

We look forward to hearing from you.