15 March 2014


Hello everybody! I hope you are well and enjoying life. Everything has been going swimmingly here – especially with our new pool, ha, ha. Sorry to keep mentioning it, but you know how pleased we are with it and all our guests are too which is the important thing, of course.

We’ve had lots of return guests recently, many staying for three or four weeks and many of those have booked again for next year. We’re really so lucky that they enjoy their holidays with us as they are all smashing people, they really are. We’ve also had lots of new guests too, just as lovely, and many of those are coming back next year, like Sandra who came on her own and is coming back with her sisters; Katalin came alone this time too, but says she’ll be bringing someone with her on her next visit; Herbert came alone as well and had to extend his visit because he’d hurt his leg in Cambodia – he felt as though he were part of a family here, he said, and would definitely be back; David & Rose who were here with their daughter, Charlene, and her husband, Paul; Estelle & Richard who may bring Estelle’s parents with them next year; Tricia & Peter and Sue & Brian – Sue & Brian were recommended to come here by Margaret & Michael who have been coming here themselves for quite a few years now. Thank you so much, Mr & Mrs M! I’ve a feeling you may be coming back altogether next year, well, according to various rumours, that is.

Thank you very much if you have been kind enough and found the time, of course, to post a review for us onto Trip Advisor, like Peter & Dot, David & Anne, Estelle & Richard, Tricia & Peter, Ronnie & Anne and Hayley, to name but a few. If it’s slipped your mind or you intend to at some point, please do so if you possibly can as it makes such a difference to our business these days. We actually feel our hotel’s nicer now than it was when we were No 1 in Koh Samui, No 2 in Thailand and No 2 in Asia, but more people reviewed then for some reason. Consequently, we are much lower in the ratings these days, but we know in our hearts and from our guests’ comments that it is not a true indication of reality. So, if you could post one for us, it would help get us back up where we belong.

I was going back to the UK on May 1. I then brought this forward to April 1, but now I am winging my back on Monday as my mother is not feeling well and, as she is 89, I feel that I should like to see her and do my best to make her better. Also, our daughter, Charlotte, has been suffering from whiplash for quite a while now and I should like to see her too. These are not the only reasons, of course, I miss them lots and can’t wait to see them! I shall continue my blog from the UK and Robin will keep me informed of everything that’s going on here, so you’ll know what’s happening.

Our new website is coming along. Lots of you will be pleased to know that new photographs were taken a couple of days ago – you’re often saying how our present ones don’t do the hotel justice – and the rest of the website should be finished shortly. So, it will probably be up and running when you next read my blog. Hope you like it. It’s a bit more up-to-date than this one, a few more whistles and bells, so to speak. Oh, and you’ll be able to comment on the blog which is good, or even leave a message for other guests. We thought it would be nice to be a bit more interactive. Gives me an excuse to make sure you haven’t dropped off!

I must say that I have enormously enjoyed seeing you all recently. It’s lovely to chat and really is so heart-warming to hear all your positive comments. I hate to see you go, I really do. But then, I can look forward to seeing you all again next time! So, if you’re thinking of coming for the first or even the tenth time, just send Robin an e-mail and he’ll write straight back with our availability. I think the quickest time it’s taken to complete a booking in the past is twenty minutes, from the guest sending an e-mail enquiry to the guest receiving confirmation of payment. Just think, you could be all booked up in half an hour from now . . .

Last night, there was a live musical event on the beach with a large stage just next to our hotel. We were worried that it would be hugely noisy, but it turned out to be very enjoyable indeed, so I don’t know whether they will think of repeating it at some in the future. There were Thai musicians and singers and they gave us some marvellous jazz, rock and reggae. The stand was cleared away in no time and, this morning, the beach was inspected for any remnants of rubbish. One would never know that anything had happened at all.

Also, last night, Robin and I zipped out for a meal at Barracuda – the restaurant which is currently No 1 on Trip Advisor here. We had to book before, and I think you still do normally because they were certainly very busy, but we managed to scrape in on spec this time after a ten-minute wait, mainly due to the proprietor’s very kind demeanour. We enjoyed an excellent meal – we both had lamb which was superbly cooked and presented and it was tender and succulent. I asked for some fresh fruit to finish, but he suggested a mango soup. I actually don’t like mango as a rule, but he made it sound so inviting that I decided to have it. It was very tasty indeed and I would certainly have it again. The restaurant doesn’t have a view to speak of, but who needs a view when the food speaks for itself. Very enjoyable indeed. The service was excellent and the proprietor made us very welcome. May this restaurant enjoy continued success. Certainly a worthy No 1.

Feeling the tension building now. Watching Norwich play Southampton tonight. We HAVE to do something tonight! Everything’s crossed. Yes, EVERYTHING.

So, when are you coming to see us? Don’t leave it too long, in fact don’t leave it at all. Send Robin that e-mail, or complete the form on the Enquiries page of this website. Easy peasy.

Look after yourselves until the next time.

My very best wishes to you all.

Sue . . .

P.S. Southampton scored a goal after five minutes. Then we survived a very boring game indeed with two further goals from them. Five minutes to go and we scored a goal! Then another one about a minute later, so 3:2! Wow! An exciting game at last! Could we make a draw at least??? No. No chance. They scored again and, at 4:2 to them, we surrendered and returned to the hotel.

Next week, Sunderland at home. I may try to get a ticket. Take care everyone. Hope to see you soon!