15 July 2014


Hello! How are you?

Welcome to our site. It’s always great to have a few words with you and I know many of you like to know what’s going on at our little hotel.

Paul & Elaine have been here again, loved it again and are definitely coming back. Jacqui & Joe are still here, and it’s great to see them again too. Sue, Tom, Liz & Billy are also here again and have been saying that many of their friends ask them why on earth do they keep coming back to the same place? Because we just love it, is their reply, everything is always as we expect it to be, only better, and we’re greeted like old friends, so it’s not like it is in a 5-star at all where it’s so impersonal. We feel at home as soon as we get here and can start enjoying ourselves straightaway . . . not a bad recommendation at all from our always happy, always laughing guests. We look forward to seeing Paul & Jan and Stig & Torvill again too.

Even though everything was looking good, I got the guys to give the sunbeds an extra clean so they’re all extra white again, also repair or replace and paint some chairs and tables on the decking as well as some stools around the bar and repair some fencing too. It all looks really spic and span and I’ve just bought some orchids which now sit proudly on the table tops, thanks to Khun Carol, our receptionist.

Khun Carol lost her partner recently. We were so sorry. She met him here when we were initially making changes to the hotel over eleven years ago and he was the site manager. I remember fondly seeing her happy and blushing face as she rushed into work. He fought a hard battle with the big C and sadly lost. I feel very sorry for her. Also for her son who had not only lost him, but also his own father only a few months before. Her son studies in Phuket and both he and his step-father came especially to see me only a few months ago and I was so pleased to see them. I know Khun Carol had been finding the strain very hard to bear, although I did not hear her once complain. She’s a good girl and I wish her much peace and happiness.

There was a lot of wind in the early hours the other morning. So much so that parts of our reception roof blew to the ground. Thankfully, nobody was walking past at the time . . we certainly don’t want to lose any guests! Our boys went up there, crashing and banging, and it was repaired in no time. They’re able to do anything. We’re so lucky to have them. There was yet another huge wind the next morning and, this time, a couple of trees took the brunt. They were soon trimmed and huge branches carted away, again by the boys, so we’re back to normal now.

Still working on the new website. I’ve taken a panoramic shot of the hotel and there’s a new photo of Robin and me on that page too. I look as though I have been enjoying my food recently which will come as quite a shock to many of you who always tell me that I am too thin.

I forgot to tell you that Robin and I had a lovely time when he recently met me in Bangkok on my way back from the UK. We had two nights there and two nights in Hua Hin. Noticed you were pleased about the trip, David!! The new car went well, of course, but I have yet to drive it. It’s very smart though, I have to say. The GPS was excellent in getting us out of the city. I don’t know how we’d have managed without it.

So here I am again, living the life in our lovely hotel! Why don’t you come and join us? Send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll reply straightaway with our availability. You could be here in no time.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves – and start planning that holiday.

Best wishes