15 July 2013


Hello everyone! Hope you are well and enjoying life.

We’ve been quite busy here with Stig and his 60th birthday celebrations. He brought five other rooms with him and Torill this year and they really enjoyed themselves. Last Monday, they had a party here and Cooking pulled out the stops and provided some very tasty food and there was a birthday cake and lanterns too. The guests were singing Happy Birthday in Norwegian and enjoying lots of good music. They’re all thinking of coming back next year to celebrate another birthday. We look forward to that.

We’ve also had a great party of South Africans here, all wedding guests and they have been great fun too, especially when enjoying the shots and cocktails. The wedding was on the south of the island last Friday and they said it was just wonderful.

We’ve had Sue, Tom, Liz and Billy here again as well. They always come here around this time of the year and are having a great time. We’ve had a bit of rain the last few evenings, but it has been gloriously sunny during the day, so nobody minds. We’re also happy to see Julie and her husband, John, again and they’ve brought their daughter, Kit, with them this time too.

We look forward to seeing Chris, Debs, Connie and Grace again shortly – Connie will be celebrating her 18th birthday this year. They all went to USA last year and didn’t quite enjoy their holiday as much as usual, so are back here again this year and we very much look forward to seeing them. As do we Paul and Jan who have already been once this year – would it be at all possible for you to bring me an August Country Living, Jan? If so, you must let me pay this time and please don’t worry if you’re not able to get one.

Our granddaughter, Salina, is starting school tomorrow. She had a little look the other day and was a bit dubious at first, but didn’t want to leave in the end. She’s doing half a day the first day, then we hope she’ll carry on, as normal, the next day. How quickly they grow up!

Wasn’t it wonderful that Andy Murray won Wimbledon? We were in the new Dreamers Beach Club in Banrak again and the owner, Bobby, who happens to be Scottish too and who’d been exclaiming all evening, “never hurrry a Murrray,” broke open a bottle of champagne at the end and had bagpipes playing in the background. It actually felt like New Year and was such a happy experience that I’m sure I shall never forget it. Laura Robson did well too, don’t you think?

Robin was really excited about the Ashes until 19-year old Ashton Agar scored 96 for Australia when he went in as number eleven. Okay, it was a world record, but why did it have to happen then? Anyway, I’m really into it too and we’ve found three places with it on, the Islander in Chaweng, the Premier Bar in Banrak and, now thankfully, the Billabong, just along in the village. Last night, having watched Australia batting relatively well and feeling a bit down, we suddenly got two wickets in two balls and another not long afterwards. So, we’re back again for the final day today with Australia 174 for 6, chasing 311, and we need those wickets!

Robin’s also getting revved up for the football in August. He’s already hoping that Norwich will have done really well by the end of the season as their last four games are Liverpool home, Manchester United away, Chelsea away and Arsenal home. I totally agree with him.

Sitting here sipping a beautifully cold Heineken in our little paradise makes me feel very lucky indeed. Why don’t you come over and enjoy it too? Just send Robin an e-mail and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Shall I open you a bottle now?

Take care of yourselves.

Best wishes