15 January 2015



Hi There!

How’s it going?  Getting into the swing of the New Year? Are you ferociously hitting the gym, pounding the streets or subjecting yourself to colonic irrigation followed by a little liver flush, perhaps? Or does the thought of anything like that fill you with terror as reaching for the next beer or gin and tonic is the most exercise you’d ever dream of taking and even this was stepped up over the festive period, so you don’t really feel you’re doing too bad a job at all? Generally though, we try to be better, striving for perfection, and then fall by the wayside when we tire of the constant struggle which will be constant as we shall never be perfect.  So, why do we bother?  Why do we put ourselves through all that stress?  The perfect recipe, of course, is a spade of moderation, (even the thought brings on a yawn), mixed with a good bit of exercise and a little pinch of excess now and then to spice things up a bit. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Of course, a holiday enormously helps the morale, if not the waistline, and that’s where we come in.  I’m always pleased to say that we do retox, not detox here.  Come and have that pinch of excess whenever you like.

I’m back in the fold now, as is Michael, our son. I must say that it is a pleasure.  The hotel looks good, the staff are happy and, above all, the guests are happy.  The village has had one or two changes which have improved it, I think.  The eyesore along and across the road from us has been nurtured into an area for the Friday Market and it was super last Friday walking along and seeing more little stalls, eating places and cocktail bars busily serving lots of smiling faces.  Also, The Wharf has just opened at the other end of the village and Robin thinks it looks quite Mediterranean.  It certainly does have that flavour with its smart, little shops, coffee places, bars and restaurants all surrounded by cobbled paving, grassy areas and a few trees  and you can see the palm trees from the beach too.  Very tasteful, in fact the whole village looked better than ever.  You must tell me what you think when you come to visit.

Stewart & Janice are back again from Scotland and are enjoying themselves with Stewart’s sister, Anne, and her husband also named Stewart, who live in Australia.  Christian & Beryl are back again on their way to New Zealand and Lin & Alan are here again too, but a little earlier this year as their daughter is due to give birth in February.  It’s absolutely lovely to see them all again.  Russ & Brigit will be here again shortly too and they actually met Lin & Alan when they were here before, so there’ll be some catching up to do there. A couple of old friends from the UK, Trevor & Maureen, arrived this morning and we are dining with them tomorrow evening.  They grew up with Robin and no doubt many old stories will be recounted amidst peals of laughter.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I was very excited to be having lunch with my friend, Penny, today and had so much news from the UK that I could hardly stop talking.  She finished her meal long before me and, when I at last laid my cutlery to rest, she looked exhausted.   I apologised profusely, but this didn’t stop my constant drone and, by the time the poor girl dropped me off, she informed me that she didn’t think she could make next week.  The reason why, she said, was because her husband’s brother was coming to stay and I do happen to know that this is true.  Even though she said that she had enjoyed every moment of our lunch, I think secretly she is relieved to be able to wait a fortnight.  I should have learned my lesson, but I walked straight into the hotel, upstairs to Trevor & Maureen and started again!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.  Well, I do actually.  I’m very happy to be back.

So, why don’t you come to see us at our little hotel?  Maureen keeps saying that she just loves it and that she feels so relaxed already.  Quietly being Samuied, that’s what’s happening there.  Paul & Jan know all about that, of course, and they’ll be coming back for more in the not too distant future.  We have eighteen well-maintained rooms right in front of the beach, with views across the sea to the outlying islands, happy staff who’ll be pleased to see to your every whim, a saline pool surrounded by comfy chairs, lots of sunbeds on the beach and a good menu all within walking distance of excellent bars, restaurants and boutiques in our charming village of Bophut.  If you’re thinking of coming, just send Robin an e-mail at robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the booking form on our website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.  Start consulting your diary and pencil in some dates so that, this year, you can give yourself a treat.   We’d love to see you!

Until the next time, a very happy new year to you all.

Best wishes