15 January 2014


Hello! How are you? Slipping comfortably into 2014, I hope.

We’ve been busy here with lots of fantastic guests coming and going, but we never feel full because we are lucky with our wide frontage looking out to the beach, sea and outlying islands. There are plenty of sun beds, chairs and footstools to sink into and the bar, new pool and restaurant are just a stone’s throw away. Our happy staff are also on hand to bring you whatever you wish, whenever you wish. Mmmmm! Sounds perfect? Come and see for yourself.

Hayley, Kev and Tain have left, as have James and Carla and Sue and Simon, but they are all coming back yet again next Christmas and New Year with extended family. Nicole and Billy are still here and they’ll probably be back too, as usual. Mark and Alison have arrived for nearly a month and are already planning another month next January and Mark celebrated a birthday a couple of days ago. So, you see, there must something to enjoy at our little hotel. Why not come and have a look for yourself? We’d love to see you.

Not only do we have Cooking’s son here, Khun Or, but we now have her grandson, Khun Or’s son, Khun At. He is our night guard and we are keeping our reception staff on until around midnight to serve drinks. Khun At always has a ready smile and we are pleased to welcome him onto our team.

Just a little nugget of advice for any guests who have Middle Eastern currencies: you would be wise to change your currency into US dollars in the Middle East as the exchange rate here is appalling.

Lots of recent guests have fallen in love with a local dog who has been named Lucy and heavy hints have been dropped about our taking her on. However, we have little Leo to look after and, even more than that, we have lost four dogs in ten years and really can’t go through the upset of perhaps losing another. Lucy is a street dog and, as such, an independent little lady who will go off and do her own thing at times and return as and when she feels like it, probably hurt and needing attention. She really is a lovely little thing. I could easily fall in love with her. I daren’t do it again though. Consequently, Khun Or has decided to take her on and she will be going home with him tonight. I hope she will be happy in her new home. She deserves it. And I thank all the guests who have shown her such love and attention. I can always let you know how she is getting on.

We are so pleased with our new pool. It really seems to have raised the whole place up a notch and the sun umbrellas look good too. So that was a worthwhile exercise and we were lucky to have it finished before any rains came. Phew!

A quick football update: Norwich lost the last two games, but we are crossing everything to beat Hull at home on Saturday. I thought watching football was supposed to be enjoyable, but actually the tension is unbelievable. How on earth do the managers feel?

As well as having clothes made here, one or two guests have been having favourite garments copied and I had a shirt copied today. Everyone has been very pleased and if, like me, you can never seem to find anything you like in the shops at home or abroad, this is an excellent alternative. Another thing to do whilst here is to have all your clothes laundered before you go home. It’s not expensive at all, (we don’t charge by the piece, but by the kilo), and it saves that ghastly exercise of laundering away all those holiday memories on your return. All you have to do is to put everything away, neat and clean, ready for the next trip. Much, much better if you ask me. I used to hate that part of the holiday.

It’s been hot and sunny here of late. A little bit windy today, but still marvellous. Cold where you are? Just tell them at work that you’re going on holiday and come out to see us. If you’re retired, just what are you waiting for? Certainly not Christmas, surely. Due to a cancellation, we have a family suite available until the end of the month. Then we have a little bit of availability over the next few weeks and a little bit more in March and April.

So, hope to see you soon and, until then, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes