15 August 2013


Hello again! I hope I find you in good spirits and enjoying life. ‘One life, live it’ are words that are so true, don’t you think? I am going to try to make them my motto. Anyone care to join me?

So, we’ve been living this life for ten years now. We left England on 6 August 2003 and arrived on 7 August. Cooking, Carol,Serm and Yen were our first staff members and they’re still with us. Supee followed shortly after that as did Lamai and Fon, all still with us too, and there have been other wonderful girls and boys who stayed with us for years, but had to leave mainly because their family wanted them to go back to the mainland. Of course, we lost poor Banjon, our barman and security guard, in a motorbike accident after four years and we still miss and talk about him often; Mark, Serm’s brother, was with us for eight years and had to leave to help his mother earlier this year after his father’s death; Nom, his other sister, had been here for about five years and had also left when their father became ill; Busadee, Fon’s aunt, was a masseuse and room maid and was with us for about five years before moving away with her daughter, Op, who had done the same work and who had been with us for a similar time; Pim, a lovely, vibrant personality on reception, was with us for four years and left to return to the mainland; Raine, her old friend and one of our lovely, bubbly receptionists, has been with us for five years and her partner, Joe, was with us for two years; Mau, in the kitchen, has been with us for four years; Pa, a delightful masseuse and room maid has been with us for three years, as has her husband, Lot, and Cooking’s son, Or, has been with us for a year and a half as has Kung, Supee’s partner. Som, a room maid, came earlier this year, and is a really lovely lady who we hope will also stay with us for a long time too.

Lamai is leaving on Friday, well just for maternity leave. She is having a Caesarian at some stage after that and we are all getting excited for her and for Chris who is really getting into the father role – he’s becoming very impressive indeed! We wish them much happiness and look forward to seeing their beautiful little baby.

We often have wedding guests staying here who wish that their other wedding guests could have stayed here too, especially when those other guests visit and love it. It is worth remembering that we have eighteen rooms and it’s possible to hire the whole hotel at attractive rates so that all your guests can be together. This makes the stay far more personal for you and for your guests too. Our environment lends itself to a private party. We are situated right at the beach with a fantastic view of the sea and outlying islands, we have a garden area, a pool area and an open, round bar between the two with a super decking area almost on the beach where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or early supper. As there are so many great restaurants just steps away in our charming village of Bophut, we don’t have an evening restaurant after 6.30pm, but should be quite happy to organise hot, evening buffets and a great party atmosphere, when required. We and our staff would be on hand to plan, organise and deliver any requests that you may have and be delighted to do so too. Give it some thought. Whether you have a wedding on the island, a birthday to celebrate, an anniversary, a family reunion . . . staying with us will make it a holiday to remember.

Another anniversary for me is that I have been writing this blog every two weeks for six years. I am always surprised and delighted when guests arrive and discuss with me something that I have written about here. Some guests who’ve never even been here before rush up to hug and kiss me because they feel they know me already. People never fail to surprise me. There is such a lot of good in such a lot of people.

Of course, now and again, guests do find fault with us. Recently, a couple of reviewers on Trip Advisor found Robin to be unhelpful and rude. Robin does so much and always goes that one step further for our guests, so I was amazed to read these comments, especially when he had immediately helped the guest’s mother while she was ill. Also, I was spied walking to and from my room without going over to speak to her, apparently. She did not say that I was actually walking to and from the hotel to work where I am most of the day, every day. I admit that I hadn’t spoken to these guests very much as I had a heavy workload at that time and felt that Robin, Michael and 15 staff would be able to deal with their requests whilst I got on with it. Also, they had been out of the hotel such a lot during the day and during the evening and, unless our times synchronise and we are at the bar at the same time, in reception or approached in the office, I do not go out of my way to intervene in a guest’s privacy. I used to go around to the rooms and walk around the gardens and pool on a daily basis, but have found that this is not necessary or even appreciated. We are on site most of the time, are approachable, extremely helpful and socialise with our guests to a great extent, so feel that we don’t want to go over the top, so to speak. We know of no other hotel on the island that offers such a personal service, in fact many guests have told us that they’ve never known of another hotel, anywhere! If I haven’t spoken to you when you come to our little hotel, and that is very rare I might add because I love to chat, do come and say hello – I should love it!

Well, I shan’t keep you any more today. I should love to see you here, however. Why not come and see us soon? Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Then you can see why we have so many return guests who do love it here and can then become one yourself.

Take very good care of yourselves. One life, live it. Don’t forget.

Best wishes