15 April, 2015




# Honeymoon/Superior Room Bathroom

#The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe


Hello!  How are you?  I hope you are all in fine fettle and enjoying life.

For those of you who do not know our little hotel, we have eighteen well-maintained rooms right by the beach with breathtaking views of the sea and outlying islands, a great little café which serves breakfast until 11am then mouth-watering dishes all day, a wonderful saline swimming pool built only eighteen months ago, an open outside bar with the beach one side, the swimming pool another, the gardens another and the hotel the other, lots of comfortable chairs, footstools and sunbeds, staff who have worked here for years and who will always remember you and then Robin, my husband, Michael, our son, and I are here to make sure that the wheels are running as smoothly as possible and that we always have time for a chat or to give advice, when needed.  Family-run, small and personal, that’s The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Café.

Paul & Jan have just left, having been totally Samuied.  They’ve been loads of times and are coming back in July too.  They’re even contemplating coming again for the month next May.  They’re lovely people, they really are and it’s such a pleasure and a privilege to be able to welcome them back time after time.  When they arrived at the airport for their flight home, they found that their usual 9.30am departure with Thai Airways had been changed to 9.10am, so there was a bit of a dash between check-in and boarding.  Do take note if you use this flight yourselves.  Anyway, whilst they were here, they very kindly lent me some Arotika, (not to be confused with Erotica, please), which is a muscle rub made of, in the main, capsicum, clove oil and menthol and it’s done wonders for my recently sprained ankles about which so many of you have very kindly written. One of them has improved considerably, thank you, but the other has been rather troublesome and still not better, so I continue to limp around which is not good for the image at all.

We also still have Richie & Nickie here for the third time with their wonderful children, Dylan & Delilah.  Baby Delilah is being looked after from noon until five by our very experienced Khun Serm, herself a mother and grandmother, and that’s going really well.  On Sunday, we joined this super little family for lunch at Beach Republic which was fantastic.  I usually enjoy prawns, smoked salmon and oysters to start, but the roast beef looked so good that I decided to go straight for that.  It was so fantastically cooked and of such good quality and its roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cauliflower cheese, broccoli and gravy so tasty, that I have to admit that I went back for more, thus leaving no room whatsoever for my usual fishy delights.  I did find a little for their very tempting desserts, however.  And all washed down with a glass of fizz. Yum! Worth every Baht.

We’ve had yet another booking from Michael & Margaret, but this time for a month next year, (I can just hear Michael saying, ‘God willing!’), and Theressa & Gary are returning yet again too, but this time with two other couples whom we are very much looking forward to welcoming, although I have to say that I am very sorry that Cherry & Jeff couldn’t make it with them too, but hope that they really enjoyed their third wedding anniversary.

On 9 April, our granddaughter, Michael’s daughter, Salina, was five years old.  My goodness, how the time has flown!  Robin and & I, together with Richie, Nickie, Dylan & Delilah joined Michael, his girlfriend, Dtong, Salina, of course, her other grandmother, Et, her cousin, Bort, and some friends at a local, very Thai restaurant where we cooked our own food at the table. The cooking pots were each set on another pot of charcoal and, boy, was it hot sitting there!  However, it did cool down a little bit after a while and we enjoyed pork, chicken, fish and vegetables, all washed down with beer or wine.  There were slides and see-saws, etc, for the children at the other end of the area and there was a live group playing just near us, no noisy base beats at all though, and the lead female singer had a very pretty, haunting voice which she was able to produce by just sitting in a very relaxed way on a stool in front of the microphone.  How I wish I could do that! Michael jumped up and sang a song in Thai which brought huge applause from the locals and Robin felt quite overcome during it as did I, of course, making us think back to the first time he sang in public at the age of around nine, on holiday in the USA.  The Happy Birthday was sung as the Barbie cake was cut and distributed and then, all of a sudden, it was time to go our separate ways.  It was a lovely little gathering indeed and one to remember with great fondness – all expertly arranged by Michael, by the way, who will be celebrating a big one himself in a couple of weeks’ time.

A big thank you to Rosie & Steve for their Trip Advisor review, in fact we’ve had some great ones recently.   A few more would be very helpful indeed, however, to get us to Number 10 perhaps.  We’ve been Number 1 in the past, as many of you will know, but that could be pretty stressful actually, so 10 would be more than fine.  It would probably be a respectable and realistic testimony too. So, if you have enjoyed your stay here, or have been many times and only posted one review, please, please try to find a little time to write one for us.  The site is www.tripadvisor.com – in fact, I am hoping to have a link put on our site very shortly which will make it even easier for you.  There will also be one or two other links too. But we need a score of ‘5’ to make the post worthwhile.  We just had a lovely review from Richard, here with his wife and mother, but he gave us a ‘3’ which put us down three places again. I find it amazing that a ‘3’ can change one’s standing so drastically, yet a handful of ‘5s’ makes little difference at all which is why we need as many as possible.

Quick English football update: Norwich won 2:1 against Bolton.  Phew! After that, we were still Number 2 in the League, hoping we could win the next four! On the ball, city! Then, last night, we played Leeds and scored a goal in the second half and, in extra time, another one! Hooray! 2:0! We were still second and waiting to see if we could be top if Bournemouth lost, but they won 1:0, so we’re still second.  That’s okay. We’re going into the next three games with everything possible crossed.  But oh, the stress! We’re on TV on Friday, playing Middlesbrough. Another nail-biting occurrence, no doubt . . .

April 13 was Songkran, the Thai New Year.  All the staff, except Cooking, Carol and Raine, were thrown in the pool by 11am and some very daring guests were in there too. To say there was much merriment would be an understatement.  The kitchen was closed at 2pm and most of the staff went home, but everything ran smoothly at the hotel, mainly under the auspices of Khun Orrsome. Leo and I enjoyed a very quiet birthday in our apartment, then Robin and I went out to dine in the evening.  I even enjoyed a couple of Margaritas which is very unusual for me.

Chris & Lamai arrive today with little Daniel.  For those of you who may not know, Lamai worked for us for about ten years as a receptionist and Chris was a guest who visited us around thirteen times.  All of a sudden they were an item, then Chris moved out here to work and later they married at our hotel. They then had little Daniel and moved to the UK last year, so now they’re back for a holiday and to see Lamai’s family.  We look forward to seeing them.

If you’re beginning to feel that you’d like to be Samuied sometime soon, just send your prospective dates to Robin at robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the Booking Form on this website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until the next time, do take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes