14 September 2013


Hello there! How are you all? We’re all fantastic and I hope you are too.

Have had some great guests here, as usual. Have three rooms of Japanese guests just now and they’re absolutely super people. They’re very much enjoying the hotel, in fact they’ve extended their stay and we’re really enjoying having them here too. We’ve had quite a few Japanese over the years and most of them return again and again. I find them to be a very gracious race with a great sense of humour. Just the perfect guests, in fact!

Following the tragic news of Roy, the owner of the apartment block opposite us who died in a motorbike accident recently, his parents came over to the island quite soon afterwards to sort out his effects and to organise the future of his assets. We were very, very sad to see the demise of poor Roy and were very surprised and touched indeed to think that his family wanted to give us first refusal on taking over the apartment block, formerly known as Fisherman’s Village Condos. After serious discussion, Robin and I decided that we would take it over and, after various changes and upgrading, this will probably be known as Waterfront 2. It will be operated in a slightly different way to our hotel rooms and various facilities will be different too. I shall let you know more about this development as and when we know ourselves. To think that we shall be able to welcome more of you fills me with delight and we are both very excited about this new venture.

So, Norwich City play Tottenham this afternoon. At least Bale won’t be against us as he’ll be too busy making his debut for Real Madrid, thank goodness. Even though our opposition may not have their team quite together just yet, they are worth millions of pounds and one hopes that they don’t find their form against Norwich today. Come on Norwich! Letsbe Avenue! Sorry about the short foray into football. This is a new side of my character brought out by the promotion of Norwich into the Premier Division two seasons ago. I was so proud of my city that I have hardly missed a match since.

Football aside, have you thought about your next holiday? Give it some serious thought and let Koh Samui bubble to the surface, Bophut in particular and, even better, The Waterfront. We’d love to see you, whether you’ve never been or whether you’ve been lots of times. Send Robin an e-mail and he’ll write straight back with our availability. It could be booked in no time at all.

Until the next time, look after yourselves and my very best wishes to you all.