14 November 2014



Hello everybody!

How lovely to be speaking to you again!

We’ve been welcoming many wonderful guests, as usual, and we are delighted to say that many are booking again for next year. We are also receiving lots of other bookings too so, if you’re thinking of coming to stay, I suggest that you discuss your plans and let us know your prospective dates as soon as possible so that you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve been before, you won’t mind my telling those that haven’t that we are lucky enough to have a little hotel in paradise. We are right at the beach with a stunning view of the sea and outlying islands and just a little saunter away from excellent bars, boutiques and restaurants. We are family-run and only have eighteen rooms so you are definitely not a number here, you are a very welcome guest and one who, if you’re not too careful, will quickly become a friend. Many of our guests make friends with other guests too and some even book holidays at the same time in the future so that they can meet again. Please don’t think that you have to chat to anyone at all, but you will definitely miss out on one of the most appealing attributes of our little hotel if you don’t. As soon as they arrive, many guests say that they feel as though they are coming home which is just great.

Seen lots of you on Facebook and I can see that most of you are enjoying life. I am so sorry to see that one or two are having a sad time just now, but I sincerely hope that things will get better and that you will soon be able to enjoy life to the full again, even including a trip to The Waterfront at some stage. We can’t wait to see you!

Until the next time, do take care.

Best wishes