14 June 2013


Hello everybody for the second time today. I had nearly finished my missive to you when the librarian told me that there was only one minute left. Needless to say, I lost everything and left the library in dismay. How stupid of me! It’s because I keep thinking it’s Saturday when there’s no closing for lunch. Oh, well, I have the wonderful experience of thinking of you longer than usual. Lucky me!

My next report will be from Samui and I look forward to returning and seeing Robin, the staff, the guests, of course, Leo and our lovely little hotel. It’s nearly ten years since we started our new life and it’s been a real adventure. Lots of guests have returned time and time again – many have become good friends – and we always look forward to meeting new guests too. Such an array of nationalities, age and experience! It really is such a delight.

Stig and Torill are coming soon with lots of family and friends to celebrate a special Stig birthday. We really look forward to seeing them again. Wayne and Glenda have just been there from Australia and enjoyed their stay as did Neil and Tracey from the UK who, as well as having a good time, received the great news that a baby is on the way. Congratulations to you both. I look forward to meeting your little one in the future. Don’t forget we do babysitting!

I was chatting to my mother, son, Michael, and granddaughter, Salina, the other day when, for no apparent reason, I decided to leave my chair and look out of the window. I stared in amazement. Was this an apparition before me? I watched a tall, slim, distinguished gentleman accompanied by a beautiful damsel open our garden gate and walk up to the front door. I dashed to open it in disbelief. There, before me, were Peter and Dot, two lovely guests who have stayed with us many times. I invited them in, of course, and we chatted non-stop for the next thirty minutes, hardly stopping to catch our breath. I was so pleased and happy with this lovely surprise. They used to live in Norwich – they now live in Derbyshire – and were back to deal with a house problem before going on to dine with Peter’s daughter in Bungay. I missed them the moment they left and really look forward to seeing them at the hotel next year.

I have been so busy here, as you know, and have had Rosie’s name at the top of my list.