14 February 2014


Hi everyone! How are you today? I’m in fine fettle. All our lovely guests have big smiles on their faces which probably has at least something to do with the constant sunshine.

We’re full just now. Many of our guests are return guests: Peter & Dot, Carol & John, Michael & Maureen, David & Bridget, Looey & Jof, Brian & Mia, David & Veronica and Glyn & Robyn, here with their girls, Ellen & Sarah. It’s rather lovely as some of them have met before, some even many times, and so it’s all even friendlier than usual, if that’s at all possible. Glyn & Emi have just arrived yet again, Michael & Margaret will arrive tomorrow as will Simon, Lindsay & Ethan and Peter & Margaret, then Rosie & Steve will arrive on Monday. It is SO wonderful to welcome back guests who have become dear friends.

The new guests are enjoying their stay too: Len & Shirley, Peter & Tricia who wish to book for next year, the lovely Sandra who has just booked the family suite for three weeks next year, Daniel & Larin, David & Rose who say they’re definitely coming back next year, (Paul & Charlene, their daughter and son-in-law were here for their first week, but they’re back again today for lunch, saying that they couldn’t keep away), William & Linda, (Linda does some amazing voluntary nursing work in India), Duane & Jackie, Chris & Daphne, Len & Shirley, David & Christine and Darin, Dennis and family.

We’re pretty full for the next few weeks, but Low Season which starts on May 1 offers a bit of availability. May and June are lovely months and, as the prices here are lower too, it’s certainly worth considering a trip then. You could even stay longer, especially as the flights are probably less expensive too. What have you got to lose?

Having our rooms and gardens sprayed tomorrow. This is a monthly occurrence to keep insects and vermin at bay. The rooms are sprayed around 1pm and then the gardens are sprayed, or ‘fogged’, around 6pm. It doesn’t take long.

We think we’re going to update our website quite soon. So, hopefully, you will log on one day and be mesmerised by your findings. There’ll be new photos too, especially as some guests say that our photos don’t do our hotel justice and that it’s actually far more beautiful that they’d expected. I’ve always been quite happy with that though as I don’t want fantastic photographs and then guests being disappointed when they get here. But realistic photographs is what we’re aiming for, I suppose. Probably a virtual tour too . . .

As you may or may not know, a few years ago we were No 1 on Trip Advisor in Bophut, No 1 in Koh Samui, No 2 in Thailand at one point and even No 2 in Asia, winning trophies two years in a row. We hardly had a space throughout the year. Now we’re around No 8 in Bophut and No 30 in Koh Samui even though we feel that we give an even better service than before, that our hotel is more attractive and our larger, saline swimming pool is much better than the older one. We feel that our hotel has really gone up a notch and are very proud of it indeed. Also, we haven’t raised our prices for five or six years so our prices are excellent.

Guests often say that they prefer the smaller hotels. They say that they feel like a number in the impersonal 5-star hotels and enjoy the warmth of it here. We know that we’re in the privileged position of welcoming guests of all ages, all nationalities and all walks of life. It is indeed an honour and a pleasure. David and Veronica said that, having thanked us in 2006 for a wonderful stay which, unfortunately, they wouldn’t be repeating as they didn’t ever visit the same place twice, yesterday they felt impelled to tell us that, as their eighth visit drew to a close, it had been the best visit ever and that they’d see us again next year. How lovely was that?

So, if you’re wondering whether to come here to stay, wonder no more. If you’re looking for paradise with a personal touch, (I’m thinking of using that slogan for the new website), think no more. Send us an e-mail or complete the booking form on the Enquiries page of this website and Robin will write straight back with our availability.

Thailand is the Land of Smiles. As I said at the beginning, we certainly see a lot of lovely ones here and so very much look forward to seeing yours, hopefully very soon.

Until then, take care of yourselves. And happy Valentine’s Day!!

Best wishes