14 February 2015

14 February 2015


Hello everyone!  I can’t believe it’s two weeks already!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  May you be happy in love and happy in life.  Whether one precludes the other, I have no idea, but I wish you calmness and serenity with your spouse or partner, family, friends and colleagues.  Robin once asked a favourite, aged uncle why he had never seen him angry. “I’ve never seen the point”, he replied.  How marvellous is that? From all accounts, the best way of attaining happiness is not to look in the past and not to look to the future and to make a concerted effort to enjoy the moment, to enjoy now.  Good luck with getting to grips with that, although I believe it really works as I’ve tried it on numerous occasions. I wish you good health, happiness, hugs – and holidays, preferably here with us.

We’ve had lots of return guests, as I told you last time, with many more to come.  Richard, Esdelle, Robin & Shirley as well as David & Rose went back yesterday and all said that they’re coming back. Peter & Tricia’s son and daughter-in-law, Matthew & Lisa, have come for a few nights to be with their parents and they all say that they’ll be back next year too – Tricia was saying that it fits their needs perfectly. Rick & Jacqui are pleased to be back as well and they’re already talking about another trip which is fantastic as are the lovely Gary & Sara who said last night that, whatever holidays they book during the year, they always know that one will definitely be perfect and that’s the one here. Rod & Jo left today and are already planning their return trip next year and also possibly a big birthday trip with lots of friends in four years’ time. Clive & Lyn said that they enjoyed it just as much this year as they did last and shall be returning the year after next. Anne & Ronnie are here, awaiting Stewart & Janice’s return from their 10-day cruise and two other friends of theirs, Graham & Jennifer, are arriving later to join them all.  Margaret & Michael arrived last evening and Maureen & Michael this morning. David & Veronica, themselves returning guests, were so pleased to see them that David picked Maureen up and spun her around and around. We have fantastic guests, you know, who say such fantastic things.  It’s a special treat for us to welcome them all here.

Sadly, John & Carol go on Sunday.  They come every year for about a month and we are always very happy to see them.  This year, they suggested we put a rail at the corner of our swimming pool to help guests up and down the steps and, as we had been considering this anyway for quite some time, we decided to go ahead and have it installed and it’s a great success.  So, we are glad that they are pleased and thank them for their very interesting and helpful comments.  Most surprisingly, however, they were not quite so pleased when visitors came to the hotel to enjoy a drink on the beach one afternoon, even though we didn’t mind at all. As far as we were concerned, our hotel guests were more than well catered for, we were not busy and they were very nice, quiet people.  Had we been busy, with hotel guests wanting sunbeds and service, of course we should have asked these visitors to move on, but one cannot turn away business on a quiet afternoon and kindness to visitors improves their holiday, gives them a taste of the welcoming spirit of Samui and often turns them into valuable guests in the future.  All our other guests agree with this point of view, so we feel quite justified in our actions and very much hope that John & Carol can come round to our way of thinking as they are very special to us.

The weather has been great. Still can’t see Koh Phangan though, but it will appear again very soon, I am sure.  It’s a beautiful day today for taking photos and we’re waiting for a photographer who works for a company affiliated with Trip Advisor to take photographs of  a couple of rooms.  We shall see where that leads us.  Of course, we were top of the pile on their site a few years ago which was 1 on Samui, 2 in Thailand and 2 in Asia but, even though we’re not up there these days, we think we’re better now than we’ve ever been. There are so many more hotels here and people don’t bother in the main to write reviews as they did before.  But we continue to welcome many guests, often again and again, and our life here has outstripped all expectations.

We really enjoy welcoming such lovely people to our little hotel.  Why don’t you come to see us? Just write with your prospective dates to Robin on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or fill in the Booking Form on this site, and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Then we can welcome you too.  We’d love it.

Until the next time, take very good care.

Best wishes