1 October 2016

Hi Everyone!

Gorgeous day here in Samui. It’s sooo relaxing. September is always such a beautiful month. We still have great weather, but without the busyness of the high season. Rosie & Steve are here yet again and, even though they have been here many times before and loved it, (they usually come over in February), they think that they’ve enjoyed being here at this time of the year most of all. In fact, Steve is hoping that Rosie’s going to treat him next September too. Even though today is 1 October, we expect this weather to last a good bit longer. November can be a rainy month, but even then we’ve had Novembers with hardly a drop of rain. And for sure, it is never cold! I have apologised in the past to guests if it’s been raining later in the year and I’ll never forget one Scandinavian gentleman replying in his clipped, but still very attractive accent: “Do not worry, my dear, it is minus 30 degrees in my country!”

Rosie had a special birthday this week. Where did they dine? Chez Francois? No. The Shack? No. The Link? No. Prego in Chaweng? No. They went to The Hut. The little restaurant just across from our hotel. The one which has become so popular with our guests and many other visitors to the island. The one that doesn’t have many tables so, especially in high season, you definitely need to book. The one which has a mainly Thai menu and the one where, when they give you your bill, you are astounded at the price because it is so low. And did they enjoy their meal? Most certainly. As usual.

They had also enjoyed a great Sunday Lunch Buffet at Beach Republic last weekend where it’s a bit more expensive, but where there is so much mouthwatering food on display that it’s hugely difficult to resist any of it. I usually plump for the king prawns and oysters, followed by Roast Beef and all the trimmings with a small selection of desserts to round it all off – oh, and a couple of glasses of Prosecco, of course. You could make a day of it actually as there are two swimming pools and lots of sun loungers. It’s also a great place to people watch. We usually go with guests, so conversation is at the top of our menu.

Paul & Jan are here too and they have visited many times. Paul retired last year and Jan has only just retired, so she’s still quite new at it and wondering, like so many other new retirees, whether life will ever be quite the same again. Their long term plan is to become world travellers, but they will be the first to tell you that they haven’t even reached Koh Phangan as yet. As usual, their car is gathering cobwebs in the car park which is reminiscent of our own visits to Thailand many years ago when we were quite happy, thank you very much, to stay in our favourite hotel and just relax. Paul & Jan quickly become Samuied when they arrive and find it very difficult to leave their sun lounger and Kindle. Jan gets through a staggering amount of books during her stay. She loves a good murder, but I must emphasize that Paul continues to look extremely fit and healthy, so I don’t think Jan will be using her newly dormant work skills in that direction. Perhaps she should become a professional reader. Yes, I must suggest that. Excellent solution. Anyway, we love having them here. A great chat around the bar last evening and both they, and Rosie & Steve, are going to join some guests from our Waterfront Apartments for drinks in our own apartment at 6.30pm today. That should be fun. Two of the guests, Jade & Iceni, are teachers working on the island and another one is a Wedding Planner – Alexa Champion Destination Weddings, if you or a friend are in need of her services. She is terrific and I recommend her without hesitation. She and Tony have just had a little daughter who has become our youngest guest yet.

Another guest for drinks will be our daughter, Charlotte. Yes, she has come to stay for a while and it’s great to have her here. After the hotel bar last evening, we went across our street to the The Reggae Bar and met some guests there too. Lovely chats and a glass or two. We took Leo, our little Yorkshire Terrier, with us and he thoroughly enjoyed all the love and attention. And the music. Great music.

Our boys at the hotel are sanding down our decking. They’re doing a very thorough job, so it’ll be soon be looking very smart outside. They’ll be starting on the rooms after that as we always repaint during our low season, plus repair and replace, if necessary, all ready for the next high season. We like to keep our little hotel in tip top condition for our guests.

So, if you’d like to come and see us, just send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com – or complete the bookings form on our website – and he’ll write straight back with our availability.
We have eighteen rooms right beside the sea with stunning views of the beach, sea and outlying islands. We have staff who have worked for us for years, so they understand your needs and enjoy making you feel welcome. And every guest is important to us. Many have become friends who return again and again.

Come and see what you think. You too could be Samuied in no time at all . . .

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes