1 October 2015

1 October 2015

Hello Everyone!

The year is flying by, isn’t it? Are you working hard and playing hard? Or are you bogged down with life and looking forward to a break? Either scenario makes life ripe for a holiday, so why not come and spend it with us? We have rooms and bungalows to fit any requirement and you can even hire out the whole hotel if you like!

We’ve just had a ghastly ‘review’ on Trip Advisor. Of course, it was complete fallacy. First of all, it mentions me and I wasn’t even there in September! I would never say ‘this is Thailand’ or ‘this is not a five-star resort’ to make an excuse for poor service. Also, all our rooms have a view of the ocean. Our breakfast is freshly cooked to order and of a much higher quality than you will receive in many other hotels. Our rooms are freshly painted twice a year and everything inside repaired or replaced, as necessary. They may not be in the very latest fashion, but are certainly clean, comfortable more than adequate and good value too. We do not send guests to ‘our friends’ to eat – we tell them about the latest feedback we’re receiving from other guests about restaurants in the village and ask them to let us know their opinion on their return. If we were so desperate for, what I can only assume they are insinuating is a kickback, then they are totally wrong. We are only interested in our guests enjoying the full Bophut experience so that they’ll enjoy themselves and think about coming back to see us in the future. If we were looking to make every last Baht possible, we would open our own evening restaurant. We have not done this because we feel that it would interfere with the peace and tranquility now offered at our little haven. I don’t spend hours trying to persuade you for a 5-star critique – I do ask in these notes sometimes that, if you enjoyed your stay and meant to write a review, that you try to find a few minutes to do so. I certainly don’t live my life thinking about Trip Advisor – I have been hurt too many times by untrue reviews like the one now mentioned. We know our guests. We know when they stay. It is impossible to post an untrue review and think we won’t realise. Also, our lovely saline pool is always spotless and surrounded by comfy chairs and footstools. Privacy? Please enjoy your privacy, of course, though you will also have the opportunity to chat to other guests or ourselves as this is a friendly hotel. We do not force you to go to the bar at all. In fact, we do not go to the bar as much ourselves these days and, to suggest that we would dislike you if you didn’t, is outrageous. We have had our little hotel for twelve years. We have many guests who return year after year, some even twice a year. We must be doing something right and shall not be deterred by unkind and dishonest people.

Brigit and Russ are coming back again next year as are Tricia and Peter – all lovely people who certainly wouldn’t stay if they didn’t truly love it. Mel and Neil and Lucy and Andrew have been staying recently, again return guests. And they’ve loved it too.

What gratification do these fake reviewers get from falsely slating others who try their hardest to do good in this life? Or others from making promises and not keeping them, as I mention below?

The reason I haven’t been at the hotel and therefore couldn’t have spoken to the ‘reviewer’ is that I have been in the UK trying to prepare our house to sell. I say trying because the first team of decorators gave me a price to finish the work in 5 weeks. When this time was up, they didn’t return, even though they’d only completed half the work. Then the chimney had to come down and be replaced. The builder completed just over half the work and then disappeared. Some people have no values and think they can go through life taking what they can and giving very little or nothing in return. Do they sleep at night? Should they sleep at night?

For those of you reading this who would like a really good holiday, however, you will not be disappointed with The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe. We are genuine people who had a dream and have tried our utmost to fulfil it. Along the way, we have made a huge amount of friends. We have also been affected by unfair competition posting callous reviews which all started when we were No 1 in Samui on Trip Advisor, No 2 in Thailand and No 2 in Asia. Yes, really we were and we couldn’t believe it ourselves. We worked hard and honestly to attain that status and wouldn’t try, in any way whatsoever, to diminish our competition. We’ve only revered other successful hotels and been so happy to share the market with them. In fact, I am, and always have been, extremely interested and happy to hear of another’s success and am the first to congratulate them.

To return to the holiday mood, and I apologise for my digression, if you’d like to come and stay, send Robin an e-mail with your potential dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the bookings form on our website. He’ll write straight back to you with our availability.

Come, stay and enjoy.

Best wishes