1 October 2013


Hello! Hope you are all well and happy.

October? Can it really be? And Christmas is just around the corner too. I shall be writing to our Christmas guests in a few weeks to ask them if they would like to join us for a celebratory meal.

We’ve decided to enlarge our pool. I know, I know, it has taken some time to come to this decision and we nearly did it around five years ago, but it’s definitely going to happen now. We are enlarging it to 12m x 6m, with 2m of sand wash at the longer sides for sunbathing and 1m at one short side, the bar being about 2.5m back from the other short side. There’ll also be three steps the full width of the pool at the shallow end so parents can sit and enjoy it there with their young children as well as teach them to swim in the 1m depth which will take up 3m of the pool and the more serene swimmer will be able to take a relaxed swim further along the pool where it will be gradually descending to 1.6m at the deepest part. There’ll also be 15cm around the edge at the deeper part so that swimmers can take a rest, if required. This pool will be quite a substantial size for our rooms and we are hoping to have it completed by the end of the month, although it may go on a little longer if the weather changes. We may even stretch to a few sun umbrellas, you never know, though we have tried them in the past and the odd gush of wind can make them dangerous to guests, but we shall do our best to rectify that situation.

Due to family commitments, Khun Fon has left after many years with us and we miss her little face very much. Khun Lamai came in on Saturday with her new son, Daniel, and her new husband, Chris, of course. Lamai looked radiant, Chris looked proud and little Dan looked as though he’d seen it all before – you know the look I mean. I even held him for a little while. Lamai is returning to work in January.

We are going to call our new acquisition The Waterfront Apartments and we are working hard on all the new admin required for this new project. There are six self-contained apartments there for rent either nightly, weekly, monthly or long-term. Very spacious accommodation, but not on the waterfront like here, of course.

We ‘ve popped into Dreamers again a few times, the venue in Bangrak where you can eat, swim or enjoy drinks and they’re getting busier and busier. I am so pleased for them as it’s a great place to go. They had a fashion show there last evening for Island Girls, a super boutique not far away, and it was very successful.

A new little water park has opened on the beach in Bophut which has lots of inflatables and it should be a great place to take your children or to have some fun yourselves. We’ll be interested to see how it goes and I look forward to hearing what our guests say about it too.

Classico, an excellent restaurant in the village, is making some changes too. A pizza oven is being installed shortly and their menu will be even more delicious that it was before, it that’s possible!

So, although our charming village of Bophut is just as wonderful as before, there are always improvements being made and we look forward to welcoming you. Why not send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Eat, drink and be merry . . . we can offer all of that, and more.

Take care, until the next time.

Very best wishes