1 November 2018

Hi Everyone
So, here we are in October. Some in the world call it the fall. But, this year, I call it a new beginning.
Unfortunately, I am a little held back as, having fallen off my road bicycle whilst with my far more experienced triathlete friends, (who were amazingly kind and helpful on the day, I have to say), I have broken my elbow in four to five places and have had an op to wire it together. But it’s coming along and I’m very positive as it could have been so much worse. Better to have tried . .
Apart from my other interests which are rapidly increasing by the day, I am also thinking seriously of getting into anti-ageist activism. Shall let you know more about that in the future, but it is time that the spotlight shined on the older generation with pride, respect, admiration and realisation that, whatever colour or creed, we all get older and both our experience and appearance are hugely valid. Don’t you agree?
Robin and I reached our 40th wedding anniversary recently, having lived together for 6 years before that. But, quite honestly, it came and went with little emotion and I decided that enough was enough. Life is too precious to be unhappy, even in paradise. I have made arrangements to stay and live in the UK, in a beautiful Georgian apartment with our son, 5 minutes from our daughter and 5 minutes from my mother and have huge plans.
This doesn’t take anything away whatsoever from The Waterfront in Koh Samui which remains a beautiful gem that is doing superbly and at which Robin and our wonderful staff are doing all they can to make your stay a truly and memorable one. I may not be there in body, but shall certainly be there in mind. Robin and I have poured much love, time and effort into making it what it is today and, although I’m deeply saddened that my own journey there must come to an end, I look forward to another exciting chapter in my life.
If you’re thinking of staying, send Robin your prospective dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with  availability. If you’re wondering about accommodation, we are a boutique beach hotel and full details are on our website www.thewaterfrontbophut.com – we are one of the few hotels actually in Fisherman’s Village with its ever popular Walking Street on a Friday night and excellent restaurants, spas, boutiques and bars just a saunter away.
I have plans to continue this 12-year old blog. After 15 years co-running our beautiful hotel, I fully believe in its authenticity and can recommend it wholeheartedly. The change in my circumstances doesn’t alter its awesomeness in any way at all. It is a magical place and well worth a visit, one or a hundred times.
Best wishes to you all.
Until the next time, take care.
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