1 May 2016

Hi Everyone!


Some pretty cold weather around the globe, I hear. The weather has been terrific here, if a little bit too hot at times, so book yourself a ticket and come and enjoy the rays. The island is not so busy just now, so you could really relax. Why not stay longer than usual, perhaps to start writing that book, taking a Thai cookery course or improving your Yoga? Or bring the young children away and give them an adventure. We do babysitting here, you know, so there’d still be time enough for you to rest. And with the above incentive, you may find it too good an opportunity to miss:

We have eighteen rooms all at the beach with a fantastic view of the sea and outlying islands. Our breakfast is cooked to order and we serve food all day. Our saline swimming pool is so inviting – Robin is even keeping up with his daily swim – and we have lots of comfortable chairs, footstools and sun beds. Our charming village of Bophut has many excellent restaurants, bars and boutiques, so an evening saunter is always a joy.

We also have the Friday Walking Street which apparently is the best on the island. It’s certainly very popular. Lots of stalls clamber to sell you food, drink, clothes, jewellery, ornaments, paintings, so you name it, you should find it here. Some guests even arrange their holiday to include as many of these Fridays as possible.

One thing we are unable to obtain anymore is the daily newspaper. We were purchasing a downloaded English Daily Telegraph and Times, but the company has stopped printing on the island. As soon as the service is resumed, we shall take them again. Robin and I are reading The Telegraph online now and I would urge you to do the same when you come to stay.

I have just been to lunch with my friend, Penny, who has been on the island for over twenty years. We tend to go to Big Buddha, to a little restaurant called Khun See where we have very inexpensive chicken fried rice and chat – endlessly. The views from there are beautiful and there’s often a slight breeze. Today, however, a young lady fainted in the loo so Penny, having been a nurse in the UK, went straight into medical mode and was most impressive. Then, because the poor girl and her partner were French, I lapsed into my schoolgirl French and helped too. You see, the lady had had an upset tummy in the morning and was obviously perspiring quite a lot too. Lots of people don’t realise, but we must all be careful in this situation because it’s easy to lose all the important minerals, etc, we need to survive. As she began to look less pale, I explained that she needed to buy some electrolytes and take them without delay. On the way out of Big Buddha, Penny and I decided to call in at the pharmacy. I duly purchased some electrolytes and returned to the restaurant whereupon the lady took some in a glass of water. She started to feel brighter almost immediately. I told her to take more this evening and again tomorrow, perhaps three times throughout the day. It’s always a good thing to have these by you whilst holidaying in a hot country. In fact, Penny says that she and her husband, Patrick, take some every day.

Robin and I have dined twice at Pepenero’s, the current No 1 restaurant on Trip Advisor actually situated in Chaweng, and it was very enjoyable. The Italian proprietors are so welcoming and the food excellent. We also went back to The Link which was just as good as last time. We also went to Café 69 to see Khun Vivian and also enjoyed our visit there. We revisited Barracuda in The Wharf and had another great meal there. On Sunday, we also enjoyed a good Thai meal at Relax, Sunset Restaurant, in Bang Po further along the coast. Its prices were low, but the quality of food was high and it was a pleasurable discovery. I suppose the highlight this month was my birthday treat dinner at Chez Francois, just around the corner here, which was a wonderfully prepared 5-course meal, served with great finesse. There is no menu at Chez Francois. It is, however, a magical feast. Robin, together with Richie & Nickie, two returning guests, were there with me and we had a great time. We all also visited Beach Republic twice for their Sunday Brunch which was excellent and then partook of their Escapology facility on the last visit. You’re given clues and locked in a room in which there are more clues, both real and fake. You have one hour to find your way out. We got out two minutes after the hour, but at least we got out and were very pleased indeed to do so. It was an enjoyable escapade and certainly got the brain cells working!

Norwich play Arsenal at football today though . . . . arrrrggghhh! Very tense time!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of things to do on Samui from zip line canopy rides and paragliding to scuba diving and snorkelling, boat trips, fishing, kayaking, sand boarding, the list goes on and on. Or you can just sit in one of our comfy chairs with a cocktail or cold beer in your hand and look out to sea, take in the fantastic view and relax. Perfect.

If you’re thinking of coming, and you really must, let us know your prospective dates by completing the bookings form on our website or sending Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll straight back with our availability. Why not take advantage of our reduction and come over soon, or later in the year? We’d love to see you!

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes