1 March 2019

Hi Everybody

The first of March! As usual, I am overwhelmed by the speed at which life passes by which is why I am always busy fitting in as much as possible. 

If you haven’t been to our little beachfront hotel before, have a good look through the accommodation on our website – www.thewaterfrontbophut.com – and I am sure you will find something there to suit your needs.  Then either book direct on our Bookings page, send Robin a message there  or indeed an e-mail to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.  The prices charged are just the same as if you book through an agent, but you have more of a personal service with us and the chance of availability that’s not always shown on the agent websites. Airport transfers are free of charge, there’s always a decent welcome drink waiting for you on arrival, plenty of sun beds, a great pool, tasty food, wonderful views and just a saunter to excellent restaurants, bars, boutiques and spas.

On Monday, Michael, Charlotte and I are driving to London to see Emily, a friend with whom I ran the Midnight 5k on Samui last year. Her partner is Thar, a great Burmese guy, but she felt there were no real work opportunities for either of them on the island and returned to the UK ahead of him to look for work and to prepare his way.  Then she found out she was expecting and has since has given birth to a beautiful little girl, Mila. Then, bad news. Thar’s application to join her was denied. So, although she has a good network of friends, we are going to see her to give support and, no doubt, to brainstorm. They are a fantastic couple and want to build a future together based on hard work, mutual support and now love for their new baby. I do so hope that the outcome is a good one. He can’t wait to hold his little daughter.

Five months ago, I broke my elbow in 5 places when I fell from my bicycle whilst out on a ride with my triathlete friends.  This was followed by two operations.  Having made a great recovery, I am definitely going for a good fast walk today with a bit of running included which I hope to work up to a good run in the near future. I have the swimsuit out too and hope to be putting that to good use very shortly as well. I am still a bit sceptical about the bicycle, however  . . .

Talking about breaking arms, poor Peter who has been staying for his annual month’s visit with the lovely Tricia was out enjoying a meal in the village a couple of evenings ago when his chair collapsed and he broke his wrist. This morning, I received a photo of a very sad-looking Peter.  This is not the holiday finale he was expecting and I send him lots of love and hope he has a speedy recovery. I know just how he feels as I’m sure do many of you reading this today.  I also hope Peter R, who usually graces us with his and Dot’s company, is also recovering well and becoming more mobile.

The Prime Minister was on the island last week which caused a lot of excitement. There were whispers of an impending water plant apparently.

The non-cyclone in early January, which thankfully was only a storm in a teacup, cost us cancellations both before and after and even two in February. We’ve had fifteen similar storms since 2003, but the BBC reported that 50,000 people were fleeing the island. Probably 49,500 of those were leaving after Christmas anyway. Since then, it’s been great weather, but the island has been a bit quieter this year as the Baht is so strong against most currencies, especially the Pound. The hotel has been busy though and lots of return guests have been winging in. To name but a few: Margaret has been there and her son is joining her for the last week, just like last year; Dave & Rose, (and we hope that Dave feels better as time goes on); Pat & Mike who last came nine years ago; Keith & Anne; Berny & Elisabeth;  Alan & Sue who were here three weeks in January and three weeks in February; Sandra who is Wonder Woman in disguise; Sue; David & Veronica; David and family; Jon & Karen, Bob & Jan, Ted & Hazel and Bretner & Ljiiljaja. Steven & Anne fell in love with the place and have booked next year for themselves and their daughter and son-in-law, in fact quite a few have booked again for next year. These are all wonderful people whom I should have so enjoyed seeing and I send them my very best wishes. Also, we now have four internet ports, so the reception is as good as it gets with only the very odd blip. Freedom, the reggae bar behind the hotel which guests either loved or hated, has closed.  For the hotel, it is probably for the best as it was noisy until 1am in the morning after the Friday Walking Street. Robin and the staff are rather relieved as they heard the same songs, week in, week out. I remember it well.

I should like to take this opportunity to send condolences to Sharon who lost her dear mother this week. Such a sad time. I am sure Mark will be her pillar of strength, as usual, and I send lots of love to them both.

If you have been before, you will know Supee, one of our room maids.  She is an excellent worker and giggles at every opportunity. I think the world of her.  Three weeks ago, her son was in an awful accident and badly injured his head. The prognosis was a only a 50% chance of recovery. Supee has been beside him in hospital for the whole time.  He is in an induced coma, but they don’t want to wake him yet as he’d be in too much pain. I bet she is hugely worried. I send her much love and best wishes for his speedy and successful recovery.

And another little aside.  Fon, one of our receptionists and another one whom I value hugely, is expecting a baby in four months’ time. She is a lovely girl and very good at her job. She had a lot of upset in her life a few years ago and I wish her much happiness. I hope that she can continue to work at the hotel when her maternity leave finishes.

I’m starting a gardening course in a couple of weeks’ time out at Ketteringham Hall in Norfolk and I’m really looking forward to it.  Not that I have much of a garden at all at my new home, but the knowledge will stand me in good stead for the future, I am sure. I have also purchased some binoculars and am getting into birdwatching which is really interesting – I can’t believe how we go through life ignoring so much around us. Sunday I am going to Suffolk with my camera club and, last week, I performed in a group with my ukulele!

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves and seriously think about a trip to Samui.

And try not to put things on hold.  Do them now, whatever they are.  Live life.

Very best wishes


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