1 March 2018

Hello from Sunny Samui!

Before I start my notes, my husband tells me that I must inform you, yet again, that we do not give all our availability to agents.  So, if you cannot find what you are searching for on an agent’s website or, in fact, our own, please send him an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com as we may be able to help you. Also, if you were thinking of booking anyway, please send him your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability, or complete the form on the Book Now page of our website.

If you haven’t stayed here before, you can see from the main photo that it’s a beautiful place to stay, right at the beach with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands. We have eighteen rooms of many different kinds and you will easily find one to fit your needs.  Our staff are great, most of whom have been with us for years, and we hope that the new ones, like Khun Vee and Khun Bee, will be with us for many years too.

It has been very relaxing here at our little hotel.  The sun has been shining on a regular basis and the atmosphere has been tranquil. The sea is calmer now and often there’s a gentle breeze. The lovely, smiling faces of return guests whom we know so well and of new guests, with their own stories to tell, really put the icing on the cake.  It is truly a wonderful time of year for us when we see so many returning guests, some of whom have even already booked for next year.

Elizabeth and, her mother, Bernie, came to stay because their old hotel had changed hands.  They loved it here and soon talked about coming back. Elizabeth was working out one day and enjoying a massage the next.  Bernie enjoyed the relaxation and being with her ‘wonderful’ daughter whom, she told me she was so lucky to have.  I know Elizabeth felt the same about her too. They enjoyed the company of our other guests like Tony & Hilary, Maureen & Trevor, Pat & David, Rose & David, Gary & Sara, Tricia & Peter, Maureen & Michael, Gary & Donna, Peter & Dot who all sadly have now left and Margaret, Rosie & Steve, Sandra, Sue & Alan and Ronnie & Anne who are still here.  Maureen hadn’t been well before she came, so it wasn’t the best holiday for her this time, but we hope to hear very soon that her doctor has found the problem and is on the way to solving it. Get well soon, Maureen! Gordon & Rita came back after many years, so pleased to be back, but Rita awoke with a very painful leg last week and spent a couple of nights in hospital. Miraculously, she has made a remarkable recovery and we are all so very pleased for her. Dot slipped into a grating at the airport as she was leaving and cut her foot.  I’m pleased I was there to help with dabbing and plastering and looking for alternative footwear from her suitcases.  She wrote from Dubai to say that she was fine and that they were enjoying their two-night stopover there before tackling the minus degrees in the UK.  Ted & Lesley arrived from a tour around the country and had almost decided that such a holiday was for youngsters. Then they saw so many guests of their own age that they fitted straight in.  Whatever the age of our guests, which has been anything from birth to 92, they are all vibrant, exciting and a pleasure to welcome, like Alice, for example, a newly qualified doctor, here with her mother, Alison. And these guests keep coming back! How lucky are we? Sharon & Mark, new guests, were here and loved it and return guests, also Sharon & Mark, will be here shortly for the umpteenth time. It will be good to see them again. Sharon had a big heart operation recently and has done magnificently. Can’t wait to see how she is. Willy & Izzy, Simon & Deana, Ruth & Michelle and Neil & Louise are here and love it and Louise & Ian came to stay with their sons, Ben & Harry.  Such delightful young men! The whole family loved it here and were so complimentary.  In fact, they are trying to decide which room to have next year. Klara & Bostjan are here from Slovenia with their lovely children, Nadine was here with Gary from Australia, Bob was here with his family from Singapore, Caroline & Niclas from Sweden, Tao was here with his family from China, Roman & Maria were here from Russia, Birgitte & Christian, (mentioned below!), were here with their family from Denmark, (they have a lovely family hotel near Legoland if you’re thinking of going there), as were Finn & Sara and their children. Tim & Christina are from Germany as was Susan who says she’s definitely coming back next year too. I haven’t mentioned everyone.  I just wanted to give you a flavour of the different nationalities we are lucky enough to welcome.

I was waiting for a family to check in recently and, from the paperwork, I could see that the father’s name was Christian.  A happy couple walked around the corner, so straightaway, I rushed out from the office and asked them in a very welcoming manner if he were Christian . . . not a good move, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Their smile disappeared rather suddenly and they sort of stammered a reply whilst looking extremely uncomfortable. In fact, I had the distinct impression that they were planning to make a quick getaway.  I hadn’t realised the error of my ways and couldn’t understand what on earth had happened. I was suddenly struck by an appropriate thunderbolt from heaven and roared with laughter, at last realising that they thought I was asking their religious preference and not their name at all. I tried to explain the situation which they found difficult to comprehend as their English was limited and my Russian left a lot to be desired. Just at that moment, the expected guests arrived and I was able to show them that Christian was definitely a person. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and the uncomfortable moment was diffused.  I have to admit that the Russians left soon after, however. Perhaps they were looking for a more Orthodox approach . . .

Having spoken to our guests at great length on almost a daily basis, I have come to the conclusion that the standard of restaurants in our village is becoming better and better. In fact, it’s almost like being on a gourmet holiday here. There are expensive and there are cheap and there are lots in between and they all have something fantastic to offer. So, if you love your food, this is another good reason to come and stay.

My brother is in Nice with his wife enjoying a short break and they’ll be visiting the Musee Matisse. Very interesting.  I should love it.  It was his birthday recently and I can remember him walking me to school many years ago on another birthday.  He was a king in my eight-year old eyes, well he still is actually, and as he was pushing his bicycle along by its saddle – which I thought at the time so clever – he turned his proud and handsome face down towards mine and asked, “don’t you wish you were fifteen today, Sis?” Full of love and admiration, I emphatically nodded with all my might. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE YEARS???!!! WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE???!!! I refuse to give up, however. I am well into my running and weights now and am going to start swimming and cycling soon with the thought of perhaps even participating in a sprint triathlon at some stage.  I want to keep as fit as possible for as long as possible and, hopefully, that will be a very long time yet.

A small note on Margaret who has been staying here by herself for the first time this year.  She has been absolutely remarkable and, not only has she surprised us all by her positivity and resilience, I think she has also surprised herself. Her social calendar has been full, often during the day as well as the evening, and she has looked a million dollars. I take my hat off to her and I know someone else who would be very, very proud of her. She’s even organised little forays into the village on the odd afternoon and I am going on my second today.  A gentle saunter to Blue Vanilla or Darling Restaurant for a glass of wine, a huge chat and a saunter back. Perfect! Perhaps we should call it a Margaret Manoeuvre. Her son, Justin, will be arriving the day after tomorrow to spend the last few days with her and to accompany her home.  We shall miss her greatly.  Thank goodness for Facebook Messenger.

So, just another little taste of life in our little hotel.  Do think about coming to stay.  We think you’d like it.  In fact, you may even love it.

We look forward to seeing you.

Until the next time, very best wishes