1 March 2017

Hello All!

We’ve had a marvellous February. Lots of great guests, as usual, and this month sees lots of return guests who, because they return again and again around the same time, all know each other so it’s like a big family meeting up again. They are Peter & Dot, Peter & Tricia, Michael & Margaret, Michael & Maureen, David & Rose, Brigit & Russ, (who introduced Michael & Nicky to us this year and Michael said only last night that, even though they have travelled far and wide, they just love being here), Sandra, David & Veronica and Chris & Lamai together with their lovely children, Daniel & Akira. Carol & Glen are also back for a couple of weeks and it’s great to see them again. Carol hasn’t been well since her last visit, but is much, much better now and looking fantastic.

Eric and Lynne walked in and found out that they only live 30 miles away from Peter & Dot, so they had lots to talk about. We’ve also seen lots of other great guests too like Garry & Louise, Paul, Philip & Joanna, Andrew & Frances, Julie & Andrew, Michael & Nicola, Marie & Andrew, Katy & Tom, Vicky, Brian & Mary, Susan & Peter, Neil & Bev, Julian & Victoria, John Paul & Julie, Ben & Sarah, Julie & Gerrard – all from the UK; Philip, Jill & Cara who live in Abu Dhabi; Olivier & Sihem, Amelie & Stephane, Muriel, Jean-Pierre & Isabella Claire and Anne-Marie & Jean Marc from France; Jeremy & Kristen from Canada; Naoko & Takahiro from Japan; Thea & Adrian and their delightful son and daughter who are English and Australian, but who live in Japan; Irina from Norway; Elina & Sergey from Russia; Sara, Primoz & Marja from Slovenia; Adam & Viktoria, Tim & Melanie and Gerard & Gabby from Germany; Peter & Liselotte, Rolf & Monica and Robin & Anita from Switzerland; David & Tang from China; Gabriel & Barbara from Brazil; Nicola from NZ and Joanna from UK; Kristi, Relija & Kadri from Estonia; Franz & Anita from Austria; Marianne & John, Margaret & Brendan and Robert, Shawn, Glade & La Dawn from the USA; Oliver, Catherina & Christine from Denmark; Aneliya, Sevdalina & Elisavita from Bulgaria and Hans & Ulla-Karin from Sweden, so quite a cross-section which makes life really interesting and so gratifying for us to see so many nationalities all enjoying our little hotel.

Lots of guests have already booked again for next year so, if you are looking to book for Christmas and next February – I know it seems very early to talk about it, but we are filling up very quickly – please send an e-mail with your prospective dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com so that he can let you know our availability as we are not releasing any further accommodation through the online agents for these dates.

Whilst Rose & David from the UK were here, Rose had a birthday. They had hoped that their daughter, Charlene, and her husband, Paul, could be here to celebrate with them as they had done many times before, but they were not able to this year and both couples were a little sad about it. They compromised, however, and looked forward to their Skype call at 2pm on the day. As Rose & David were sitting at the bar waiting for the call, there was a bit of a kerfuffle near the entrance and an excited couple scurried in with flowers. Rose and David looked up and then gasped in shock. No doubt you’ve guessed why. Charlene & Paul had come to surprise their Mum & Dad. Shrieks, tears, laughs, hugs, you name it, every emotion was felt in those minutes and actually continued to be felt for the whole week that they had booked to stay. It was a marvellous, marvellous surprise which Robin and I had known about for three weeks and had done our utmost to keep secret.

We have a couple in the Waterfront apartments called Tony & Alexa. They had a baby, Lara, five months ago and she is beautiful. As I mentioned, Chris & Lamai were here with their little son, Daniel, and their daughter, Akira, also five months old and she was also beautiful. It was so nice to have these little cherubs around the hotel. We bought Lara a little sit-in ring with sunshade for the pool a couple of weeks ago and she loved it.

Lara’s Mum, Alexa, has a wedding business. It’s called Alexa Champion Weddings and she has arranged some magnificent weddings here on the island. If you, or somebody you know, are looking to organise a wedding here in Koh Samui, you will be extremely happy if you ask Alexa to take the reins. Her attention to detail is second to none and you can enjoy great conversations with her on Skype during which time she will get to know you and your requirements. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

A pig walked into the hotel at the beginning of February. A big, black pig. I’ve tried to find a similar one on the internet to describe it to you, but to no avail. Her name was Cherry and she walked through the entrance, poked around the bushes, walked out onto the beach and sniffed and poked again. She was barked at by many local dogs which didn’t faze her a bit and then she walked out of the hotel again. She usually lives at the temple, but has taken to staying at Elysia Hotel across the way. Obviously, she likes a little variety in her life, so visits us now and again. We can pat her back and she doesn’t mind at all. She caused quite a furore in the Friday Walking Market, in fact I was a little worried that she was receiving too much attention and would react badly, but she took it all in her stride like a seasoned celebrity. On a day to day basis, it was not unusual to see her sleeping on the side of our little street, but she has not been around recently. We hear that she’s back at the temple.

Around the same time, a little cat walked in and seemed to make herself at home. She was a gorgeous little thing and I became quite besotted. I have always been a dog person, but I really took to her. She curled up on the sofa or walked past Leo into the office to see me and so enjoyed a cuddle, never once showing any boredom or impatience. The guests also loved her, especially as she would visit them all in turn, sometimes stopping to rest awhile under their sun bed or to play on their balcony. We even named her Elsa. Then, she stopped coming too. We haven’t seen her for about two to three weeks. We looked for her and the Elysia Hotel said that she had lived there before us and at another hotel before them, so I suppose we are lucky that she deigned to visit when she did. I hope she is safe and that she returns one day.

So, life goes on in our little paradise. Why don’t you come to see us? We’d love it. Either book direct or contact us on the Book Now page of our website, or send Robin an e-mail, and you could be winging your way here in no time.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves and don’t forget to look at our drone video on the Home Page of our website.

Best wishes