1 March 2015

1 March 2015



You could be relaxing in these sunbeds and enjoying the breathtaking view outside #The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe

Hello all!  Lovely to chat again!

For those of you taking the time to read this blog, but who have not been to our lovely little hotel, we have eighteen rooms at the beach in Fisherman’s Village, Bophut.  All rooms have a stunning view of the sea and outlying islands and the nightly tariff includes a good breakfast cooked to order until 11am. A varied menu is served all day, but there are many excellent restaurants just a saunter away for you to try in the evenings as well as lots of bars, boutiques and a super Friday Market.  A new saline pool, much bigger than the old chlorine pool, is surrounded by comfortable chairs and footstools and we have lots of sunbeds on the beach to assure you of somewhere to relax at all times.

It’s been all systems go here.  Full on lovely guests and many, many are here for the umpteenth time, so the bar has been pretty busy I can tell you, in fact the sound of constant laughter from there in the evening is intoxicating.  The guests are even booking for next year before they leave.  We are very lucky that they like it here so much and want to come back. Like the lovely Sandra who really suffers with her walking, but never, ever complains and is always smiling  – she’s coming back next year  to her ‘paradise’ for 19 days;  like the lovely Tricia who has a health problem of her own, but you’d never guess as she’s also so positive and fantastically gregarious, here with her lovely husband, Peter  – they’re coming back for 22 days ‘because they just love this place’;  like the lovely Peter & Dot who come every other year and have just booked again for 28 days;  like the lovely Michael & Maureen who have also been lots of times, but who think that this stay was the best and have booked 15 nights again for next year and like the lovely Richard & Jenni who are coming back next time for ten days and have just booked an extra room for their son and his girlfriend for ten days too.  They’re even hoping to bring the other son and his girlfriend as well. Fantastic!  Wonderful Rick & Jacqui left a couple of days ago and were also sorry to leave so they’re even wondering if their finances could allow another visit this year. Let’s hope they do.  Don’t worry at all if you haven’t been before though because we’d love you to visit us.  Perhaps you could see what the guests seem to love so much and just maybe become a return guest too, like Rosie & Steve, Michael & Jayne, Douglas & Christine, Carol & Nicholas and Jan & Bob all coming back in the next few days.

Last week, we welcomed Laurence & Rosemary from Norwich.  I hadn’t seen Laurence for forty four years. Obviously, we didn’t look quite the same, but Laurence quickly remarked, ‘at least we’re still breathing!’ It was good to catch up and to meet his super wife, Rosemary, who said on their last evening that she was feeling rather sad to leave.  Well, I was very sad to see them leave too and hope we may be lucky enough to see them again in the future which must be less than forty four years, of course, otherwise the ‘breathing’ thing would certainly become an issue.

For those of you who know Leo, our little Yorkshire Terrier who is ten in April, he wasn’t very well last week.  He awoke one day in a very weak state and couldn’t even stand.  I have to say that I was worried.  Michael took him straight to the vet and they immediately put Leo on a drip.  When I went to see him later in the day, he was able to stand, but he stayed on for their tender, loving care overnight before coming home again the next day in a much, much better condition.  A week of antibiotics followed, administered by yours truly, plus some iron and vitamin tonic.  About the same time, I lost my voice and contracted a pretty bad cough which stopped me from sleeping too well.  One morning, in a sleepy stupor, I reached for my medicine and YUK!! I had gulped an enormous mouthful of Leo’s medicine instead.  I’m okay, but do seem to let slip the odd woof occasionally.

Some people don’t like The Wharf, the new little shopping centre at the other end of the village.  They say it doesn’t look Thai.  Well, it isn’t traditional Thai, that’s for sure, but it is smart, (rather Mediterranean looking Robin said), has tidied up that rather scruffy area and enables more locals to make a living with their little shops, bars and restaurants.  There is also Thai dancing on Friday to Sunday which is certainly very Thai.  I think it’s quite smart actually and the Barracuda restaurant is in there which is superb.

The local business people are forming a community in order to upgrade Fisherman’s Village into even more of an attractive destination, bringing in possibly more reference to the old fishermen with possibly a museum.  I can see there is huge potential and, if done tastefully, this could be very interesting, but personally I think the village has a huge amount of charm now which is more accidental rather than manufactured and I wouldn’t want this important ingredient to be lost.  I am sure we can all pool our ideas and come to a very happy compromise, however.  One good thing is that no doubt the street will be closed to traffic after 6pm so that visitors can saunter to their heart’s content without the fear of a motorbike or car suddenly zooming up behind them.  Perhaps some restaurants could even put tables in the street.  It will be very interesting to see.

A lady from Silkwinds, the online magazine of Silk Air, (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines), contacted us this week asking for information on our hotel as she would like to feature us in the Koh Samui Guide she is putting together.  Consequently, I gave her as much as possible and look forward to seeing the article.

Still going to the gym. Well it’s only about six weeks. Rosemary from Norwich said that she’s been going for twenty five years which puts me rather to shame.  I’ve also been reading about Walkactive, a better way of walking that really gets you fit.  It was inspired by Joanna Hall in the UK and she has many followers.  Am tempted to do it when I next visit the UK as it’s too hot here for sure, although I have begun practising it in the gym too. If any of you have tried this technique, please let me know.

Have been up until around 5am two mornings on the trot.  Once to listen to Norwich v Blackburn when Norwich magically won 2:1 and then Arsenal v Monaco, when Arsenal very unmagically lost 3:1. I dropped off momentarily in the first game and Robin dropped off in the second. Well, it’s these guests!  They keep us drinking at the bar! We shan’t be dropping off tonight though.  Norwich play Ipswich at 9pm our time.  Come on Norwich!!

We’ve really had some great people here, many of whom I mentioned in my last post.  It really has been a delight and it is so heart-warming to see them all so happy.  If you’d like to enjoy a holiday here too, just send Robin an e-mail to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the Bookings Form on this site, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. We’d love to see you.

Some years ago on Trip Advisor, we were No 1 in Koh Samui, No 2 in Thailand and No 2 in Asia. We are much lower than that now even though we and our guests really do feel that our hotel is better than ever.  If you have stayed with us and loved it, please be kind enough to put a review on www.tripadvisor.com  so that our little hotel gets back to a more realistic ranking. Thank you.

Best wishes