1 June 2015

IMG_0350View through the bar area to the pool and beyond to the outlying islands at #The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our little hotel which nestles beside the beach in Bophut, otherwise known as Fisherman’s Village, on the wonderful island of Koh Samui. It has breathtaking views of the sea and outlying islands and has eighteen rooms and bungalows, a super café, a saline swimming pool surrounded by really comfortable chairs and footstools, (there are more in the mature gardens), lots of sun beds on the beach and an outside bar that has seen so much fun and laughter over the years. Our staff come to work for us and never seem to leave – we even have three generations of one family working for us, as well as husbands and wives. My husband, Robin, our son, Michael, and I are English and we, together with our marvellous Thai staff, do our best to make your holiday a memorable experience. If you have not been to stay before, we hope you will think of coming out to see us before too long. If you have stayed, we hope to see you again soon and, in the meantime, you may be interested in the news I append below.

It’s so lovely to be in touch again. Although I’m in Norwich, UK, just now, I’m in constant touch with our little hotel in Koh Samui and the weather there is superb. Robin tells me that our wonderful staff have nearly finished the painting and repairing, where necessary, and still have some outside furniture to finish, but they’ve been working really hard, as usual, all interspersed with much giggling, of course!

When I return to Norwich, many local guests ask me if we can meet and I always feel so bad when I don’t seem to be able to find enough time. This is because I always have a hundred and one items to attend to, my mother is ninety now and I feel that I must give her as much attention as possible and also our daughter is here too and I love to see her whenever I can. However, I really wanted to see these guests who have become such good friends and so I thought I would arrange a soiree. I couldn’t invite all the local guests, so just narrowed it down to the ones who had expressed an interest in seeing me this time. I didn’t ask Pete & Dot as I didn’t want them to feel that they had to drive from Derbyshire where they now live, (although I’m hoping they may be this way fairly soon), I didn’t ask Rod & Jo as I had other plans for them, more of those below, and I didn’t ask Simon as I had plans for him too. All my invitees replied in the affirmative, although two couples – Rosie & Steve and Hilary & Tony – called off sick which was such a shame as we were all so looking forward to seeing each other. The rest of us met at a little public house in Norwich for drinks and sandwiches.

Aubs & Sue were first to arrive. They stayed ten or eleven years ago on their way to New Zealand and have plans to do the same again in the next year or two. It was great seeing them again. Pat & Dave arrived next with Trevor & Maureen. Pat came to stay a few years ago when her son married on the island and then returned with her partner, Dave, whom she has since married, very happily I might add, and they’re talking about visiting again too. Trevor & Maureen stayed this year and we had such a good time with them, going out with them almost every evening. We hope that they’ll come back again soon – if they can fit us into their busy schedule! Laurence & Rosemary arrived next and they also came to stay this year. I hadn’t seen Laurence for over forty years and it was such a pleasure seeing him again and I was so pleased to meet Rosemary who is absolutely lovely. Liz & Mike then arrived and they have also been to stay a couple of times. I had the pleasure of dining at their home last year and had such a good time that I remember singing at the top of my voice all the way home – I was alone, I hasten to add. Then David & Gill arrived and they also stayed this year. It was great seeing them again too and, coincidentally, they knew Aubs & Sue from cricket and golf, so that was a nice coincidence. There was hardly a lull in conversation, if at all actually, and we drank, ate and laughed and, in no time it all it seemed, it was time to leave. A hugely enjoyable evening for me and I hope for them. Judging from the lovely notes I received afterwards, I think they all felt the same. Could this be something I might add to my agenda in the future, perhaps? There are lots of local guests!

Whilst Trevor & Maureen were at the hotel this year, they met Rod & Jo who were on their second visit. Rod & Jo run a very successful wine bar and kitchen in Lavenham, Suffolk. Trevor, Maureen & I decided that we would visit Rod & Jo when I was on my UK visit and this we did a few days ago. T & M picked me up with Charlotte, my daughter, and we duly drove to Lavenham. It was a beautifully sunny day and we arrived in just over an hour. We had booked into The Angel and so checked into our lovely rooms and adjourned for a much needed beverage before going on a little walk of the medieval village where many of the timber-framed houses were built as far back as the fourteen century. Charlotte and I then went for a further walk to locate No 10 Lady Street, found it and peered through the window. We looked in, Rod looked out, and huge hugs and kisses followed, accompanied by a celebratory glass of Prosecco. We were shown around the beautiful property, including a gorgeous kitchen, the outside gardens and where they live next door, by which time Jo appeared, when there were more hugs and kisses. It was then time to meet T & M back at The Angel where we must have had yet another little beverage. After much animated chat and laughter, we made our way to No 10 for dinner which was absolutely gorgeous.  None of us could stop talking or laughing and it was a truly memorable evening. T, M, C & I met for breakfast at 9.30am which was very tasty – I’d recommend The Angel if ever you decide to stay in Lavenham – and then we decided to walk around the village again, finishing up in a very old building which was built over seven hundred years ago. This was the home of a clothier who would take in wool from the farmers, send it out to weavers, take the cloth back from them and then sell it on. The area was very rich for around three hundred years and it is absolutely beautiful today. At around midday, we decided that it was time to leave, but drove home this time in pouring rain which didn’t matter in the slightest. We’d had a great time. If you live not far from Lavenham, it’s well worth a visit, especially to No 10 for excellent food, drink and the best hospitality imaginable from Rod & Jo.

Yesterday, my mother, Charlotte & I, met a many times visitor to the hotel , Simon, and his mother, Margaret, to enjoy a delightful Sunday lunch at The Brasserie in Unthank Road, Norwich. The food was superb, so this is another recommendation. I had slow cooked, rare roast beef and it was fantastic. Simon and Margaret run Richmond Park Golf Club in Watton, Norfolk, which is a beautiful course so, if you enjoy golf and haven’t played there, that has to be another recommendation! And their restaurant is superb too – I know from experience.

I’m meeting Hilary for lunch next week. She was unable to attend the soiree due to ill health, so I’m looking forward to seeing her in happier circumstances as I did see her last week at Tony’s mother’s funeral. Madge was a lovely lady and it is such a sad loss.  As Hilary said, the lingering thought from times like these though is to live life to the full, isn’t it? We just never know, so carpe diem!!

I hope you have not fallen asleep! I know how you like to hear about other guests you may have met and I have to say that it is an absolute pleasure for Robin, Michael and I to welcome such very warm and interesting people to our little hotel and, even more than that, to have them as friends too.

One last thing. What about Norwich City then???? Ha, ha!!! Up to the Premier Division!! Robin was so pleased to receive all your congratulatory messages. Both he, Michael and I very much look forward to watching our team in the coming season. We have such a great manager too!

If you are thinking of coming to stay, send Robin an e-mail, or complete the Booking Form on our site, with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability. We’d really love to see you – I think you’ll have realised that from these notes.

Until the next time, carpe diem!!

Very best wishes