1 July 2013


Sawadee Kah! Here you see we have won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2013 which we’re very pleased about. I have tried to put it on the website with our other awards, but to no avail. Perhaps one of you will be able to advise me when you visit. I did try last year when we won for 2012. If someone could point me in the right direction? We did have a website adviser, but he is with us no more and my website expertise only runs to updating the rates and information and, of course, my fortnightly notes. At least you’ve seen it though!

So, I’m back in the Samui fold and very nice it is too. So lovely to see Robin and our staff. Lamai looks very happy and her little tummy is not so little anymore with her due date being 2 September. That’s something nice to look forward to, especially for her and Chris. Leo, who hadn’t been very well, is on the mend, but he doesn’t look his old self yet even though Khun Pa has been giving him her expert attention. Lots of cuddles will help, I’m sure.

I’ve been back three days and each day we have been to Dreamers, a new little beach club in Banrak. There is a restaurant on the ground floor with a very good menu, although we haven’t eaten there yet, a swimming pool downstairs with comfortable loungers and a small beachfront that has a bar and some tables. Upstairs is also very attractive with a bar and a large sitting area that has lots of sofas and a large screen on which we have been watching Laura Robson do so well at Wimbledon. The walls are open all around the building and the views are tremendous. The music is good too. It has been a very relaxing and enjoyable venue to visit and I suggest you try it when you come out. We were all geared up to returning this evening to watch Laura again until we realised that she didn’t play until tomorrow. So okay, we thought, we’ll watch Hamilton at the British Grand Prix – another foxed arrangement when poor old Louis got a puncture on the sixth or eighth lap, but now I see he’s up to fourth, so we may mosey along yet again.

Met Rosie and Steve in Norwich for a couple of drinks to catch up on all of our news. It was great seeing them and super to hear that they’re enjoying their new home. We hope to hear soon that you’re coming out to stay next February, R & S, as we still only have one bungalow, one upstair room, (although that does have a king-size bed), and a family suite available for your dates. No doubt you’ll be having a chat with Peter & Dot about it when you visit them this month. Send them our love. I still can’t get over their impromptu visit to me in Norwich a few weeks ago – marvellous!

Robin is worried that guests from the UK have a problem sometimes with being checked all the way through to Samui. His advice is “stick to your guns” and ask to speak to a more senior member of staff if there is a problem. The code for Samui is USM, by the way.

Michael bought a new X-Box whilst in the UK and a Kinect which brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Well, it certainly brought something to life in an extraordinary new way when Michael decided to use a giant lollipop as a bat. The lollipop came apart from the stick, or handle in this case, went careering into the television and smashed the screen into a thousand pieces. End of television. A new one has been installed. Let us hope that life in Michael’s household may be slightly less extraordinary in the future.

Receiving lots of enquiries for the coming months, so do write soon with your potential dates if you’re thinking of coming to see us. Robin will write straight back, as you know, and you can have it all booked in no time.

We don’t need anything new or extraordinary here, by the way . . . it’s pretty extraordinary already, as you will know if you have visited us before.

If you haven’t, do come and see for yourself.

Best wishes and take care.