1 January 2019

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great Christmas! The Waterfront certainly did as, following a ten-day period of rain, the sun came out on 19 December and made everything perfect.

Sue & Ian arrived after a nine-year break and it was great to see them again.  Gary & Theressa were here yet again as were Hayley & Tain and they all hit it off really well, so yet more friendships were made at our little hotel. Unfortunately, Tain’s friend who was staying nearby fell off his hired motorcycle and broke his ankle.  We always worry when our guests hire motorcycles and really try our best to discourage them.  We’re often successful, but sometimes not.  There are so many motorcycle accidents on our island that insurance isn’t even obtainable. It is easy to hire a car or even a car with a driver and there are trips and tours too, all much, much better than hiring motorcycles.  I know you may be hugely experienced, but it’s every man for himself out here and often rules, such as they are, fall by the wayside. We even lost our dear Banjon about ten years ago in a motorcycle accident. Enough said.

Robin met a friend for a steak before Norwich City played eleven games ago and, as they kept winning or drawing, for good luck he and his friend kept meeting, so he’s had four steaks over the Christmas period, although the recent 4:3 loss didn’t go down too well, as you can imagine. They were winning 3:2, but the floodlights failed causing a ten-minute delay which obviously didn’t help concentration and Derby County took advantage of the situation and quickly scored two goals. What a catastrophe! Anyway, no doubt Robin and his friend have been visiting The Shack, a favourite of The Waterfront, who are hugely kind enough to give our guests a 20% discount for a quality meal. There is a new Argentinian steakhouse where Starfish  & Coffee used to be called El Groucho which brings with it a huge reputation, but it is rather expensive.  You’ll have to let us know what you think. 

Peter & Dot, two longstanding and much loved guests of ours, were due to arrive again soon, but Peter has been suffering hugely with his back.  The latest news is that a bulging disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve and it looks as though an operation will be needed.  Consequently, Peter is unable to do very much at all, so Dot is rising to the occasion and no doubt making an excellent job of it as she always does with everything.  They have postponed their trip and very much hope to visit in April, May or June.  Get well soon, Peter, and keep up the good work, Dot!

If you haven’t visited us before, we have lots of different categories of accommodation, so there’s bound to be something for you.  Also, we’re one of the very few hotels actually in the charming Fisherman’s Village of Bophut which runs parallel to the sea and which offers excellent restaurants, bars, boutiques and spas and its ever popular Friday Walking Street. Bophut also has a large postal area, so you will see lots of hotels with Bophut in their address, but they are not actually in the village, so do your research!  Also, Robin has asked me to stress yet again that not all our availability is shown on the agent sites.  So, if you have a requirement and cannot see it, please contact him direct, either by e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or by the Bookings page on our website which is www.thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability. 

New Year is here yet again and I wish you a great 2019, full of health and happiness. I’m now a firm believer in not putting anything on hold so, if there’s anything you’ve dreamed of doing, just go for it.  Life is now.  Live it.

Much love to you all.