1 January 2017

Hi Everybody

Happy New Year! And now it’s 2017! I just can’t believe it. We spent our celebration upstairs in the bar at Link Restaurant and had a marvellous time before rushing back to watch Norwich City draw with Brentford. Robin was not pleased when we lost a man in the eightieth minute, but luckily he did not bang his hand on or kick the table this time, so thankfully no bones were broken.

For those of you who do not know, our little hotel comprises eighteen rooms just steps from the beach with a stunning view of the sea and outlying islands.  Take a look at our drone video on the homepage of our website or look at the little video I posted a while ago on Facebook under The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe. It is usually very peaceful here, although not usually on a Friday evening when many of our guests are singing, dancing, drinking and laughing over at The Freedom Bar which is very popular that night due to its live music and the Friday Walking Street. The Walking Street has a myriad of stalls all along the street selling food, drink, ornaments, jewellery, paintings, clothes, in fact the list is endless.  Guests love it.  There is also a smaller Monday Walking Street around The Wharf area which is increasing in size and popularity.

Did you have a good Christmas?  I really hope so.  We had a lovely day here.  The sun was shining again and eighteen of us went to Beach Republic for our Christmas meal.  I drove one car, Robin another and one of the beautiful, young contingent from our Waterfront Apartments, (where guests tend to stay for months or lately years at a time), drove a car too.  It was all very enjoyable. I am always saying this, but we are so lucky with our guests. Again, everyone in both properties is absolutely delightful and it is a great pleasure having them all to stay.

We have just said goodbye to Anna, Jon and Oskar.  Anna and Oskar were here some years ago and have been promising to return.  Anna looked younger than ever and Oskar, who was a lovely little boy when we last saw him, had grown into a really interesting and handsome young man with a wicked sense of humour, almost certainly inherited from his mum.  It was such a pleasure seeing them again and Jon was such a nice man! They intend to return again this year.  Jens, Synnove, (pronounced Sue-nerva, a name I am thinking of using myself!), Thomas and Christian have left today and they were all just fantastic too.  They have also said that they will be returning at the first opportunity. These were two wonderful families, a real pleasure to welcome and we really look forward to doing so again. Hayley & Tain have also been staying yet again and it’s always lovely to see them.  Unfortunately, they leave tomorrow and are just collecting their new clothes from the tailor where they’ve had cashmere coats and suits made, all for a fraction of the price back home.  Hayley has clothes made every time she comes and knows that she can be sure of a quality service. Tain was also a little boy when they first came, in fact he was two. He is now sixteen and a handsome young man.  He will be wearing his suit for school.  I think the school will have to ask him to change, however, as I can’t see the girls getting much work done once he hits the school gate.  Peter and Rubina were also here recently – they remind me so much of Peter and Tricia, two other great guests – and we were recommended to them by Fiona, another guest.  They thoroughly enjoyed their stay and said that they were definitely coming back too.  These kind people, and many like them, have become friends and make our life here feel so worthwhile and hugely enjoyable.

I was driving along the street at Christmas and saw a couple pulling their suitcases along, looking very sad and tired.  Thinking that perhaps they couldn’t find their hotel, I stopped and asked them if I could help at all.  It turned out that they were actually looking for accommodation, but were not having any success.  To cut a long story short, they were soon very happily ensconced in our little hotel and I suddenly thought that it was as if history were repeating itself.  Although there wasn’t a camel in sight and they were actually Dave & Rhona, I felt they could have been Mary & Joseph finding no room at the inn.  I did quietly ask Rhona if there were a little Jesus on the way, but she said that she sincerely hoped there was not.

Our direct booking is now in operation although we’re still improving descriptions, etc.  So, if you suddenly feel that you’d like to book and don’t feel like waiting or don’t have the energy to write e-mails, then this is the perfect tool for you. It’s quick and easy.  You can safely pay a deposit on it too. Try it! It’s under the ‘Book Now’ heading on our website. We’re chuffed to bits with it.

Francois of Chez Francois sent us a really tasty Christmas cake and it was such a kind thought.  We very much look forward to visiting his excellent restaurant again.  Actually, Stuart and Janice, another two great guests back yet again to stay, went to eat there last night and had an amazing meal. Fourteen of us also went to Sereena Restaurant in Maenam a few days ago and very much enjoyed ourselves.

So, life goes on here at our little hotel.  If you would like to join us, please book via our website or send your prospective dates to  robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

We’d love to see you.

Take really good care of yourselves.

Best wishes for 2017.