1 January 2014


 Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all!!! May it be filled with health and happiness – and a jolly good holiday at the Waterfront!

We’ve had lots of lovely, happy guests: Ken and Janet from near Aberdeen, here meeting their son, Mark, and his wife, Christina, and the grandchildren, Cameron, Iona and Shea, who live in Australia; Wolfgang and Barberina here from Vienna who walked in last year, loved it and booked straightaway for this year; Hayley, Kev & Tain from the UK – Hayley was here earlier this year and used to visit us many years on the trot with her son, Tain, when he was a little boy; David, who lives in Bangkok, is here with his brother, Andy and his family, Pam, Andy, Robbie, Jamie & Cassie from Scotland – all here at the recommendation of Bobby from Dreamers in Bangrak, a great place to enjoy a drink, meal, swim or many of the special events held there; Chris, Mandy, Toby and Cameron, originally from the UK, who live in Kenya just now, are here for the second time; Pam and Andrew, on choosing their honeymoon destination, couldn’t think of anywhere nicer to stay and so here they are back yet again; Carla and James, from near Johannesburg, are also here on honeymoon, probably because Carla’s brother was here for the same reason two years ago and loved it and they’re all going to be part of a big family reunion here next year; Catherine & Joanne from the UK, Anne-Jorid from Norway here with Lars from Sweden; Anton and Leisha from Capetown; Anna from Russia here with her mother and son; Sue and Simon here from the UK for, it must be the eighth time and it’s always lovely to see them; Gail, Alex, Jordan, Summer from Scotland, are here to see Tom and Cherrelle who have been staying at our Waterfront Apartments just across the street; Andre, Noy and Hudson are here with Chris, Jasmine and Tommy; Max and Katherine and here from Australia with little Lunar; Julie is here from from Russia; Billy and Nicole are here yet again from the UK and it’s just a pleasure welcoming all these lovely guests from all over the world.

Most of us met for a Buck’s Fizz on Christmas Day and then gently sauntered along the street to Classico for a traditional Christmas lunch where we all had our own family tables, but enjoyed the congenial Christmas atmosphere together. Not too much drinking has been taking place at the hotel bar of late because we’ve been having a north-easterly wind for a couple of weeks. Although Robin is getting a bit fed up with it, it does clear the cobwebs away!

Should guests need any extra encouragement to come out to stay, the Baht is currently at a 4-year high at 53 Baht to the Pound and the Euro and US Dollar are similarly strong just now. So that’s great!

Have just heard from Paul and Jan. I’ve often mentioned them to you. They stayed twice last year. Well, not only have they booked for April this year, they have just booked for July and August too. They love it here and feel it’s the ideal spot to unwind, which they do . . . until they become ‘Samuied’ , remember? Mark and Alison will be here next week and are staying a month – they came last year and immediately booked for this year. Pete and Dot are coming back in around two to three weeks and are also staying about a month. They’re the ones who called on me earlier in the year whilst they were in Norwich. Carol and John are back yet again soon after that, also for about a month. Gary and Sarah are coming back too, then a bit later we’ll see David and Bridget, David and Rose, Michael & Maureen, Glyn & Emi, Michael and Margaret, Steve and Rosie, Glenn and Robyn, David and Veronica, Jonathan and Lucy, Kathryn and Steve, Simon, Lindsay and Nathan, Ritchie, Nicole and Dylan and lots, lots more. We look forward to seeing them all again.

If the bars think it’s important enough to show, we’re hoping to watch Norwich play this evening against Crystal Palace and Robin says that he’d settle for a point. He said that last time, but it didn’t happen, so I really hope it will this week or, better still, a win would be great!

So, the festivities are over and we are all looking to the future. A good time to think of holidays perhaps? Why not come and stay with us? We’d love to see you! Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates or fill in the form on the Enquiries page of this website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until the next time, enjoy yourselves!

Best wishes