1 February 2016

Hello Everybody

How’s life treating you? Or, more to the point, how are you treating it? The old adage of ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ is certainly true in every aspect of life. We tend to forget it though, don’t you find? We think why isn’t that going the way it should, or why is he/she acting that way or, more appropriate to this website, I’ll get around to booking a holiday ONE day soon. So, if you or I don’t put in more effort and get on with things ourselves, they may never happen in the way that we’d like them to and, with all these well-known and wonderful people dying one after the other this year, we’d better get on with it and fast, ha, ha!

If you haven’t stayed with us before, we are a boutique hotel right beside the sea in the charming village of Bophut with stunning views of the archipelago beyond. We have eighteen rooms and bungalows, seven different sorts actually, so there is always one to suit you. An excellent cooked-to-order breakfast, which you can eat inside or outside on the decking, is included in the price as well as an airport transfer. Our rooms are equipped with many facilities that you would find in a five-star, a saline swimming pool surrounded by comfortable cushioned chairs and footstools, (there are more in our garden area), an outside bar ready to serve you a cold beer or a cocktail and many sunbeds down on the beach. We always have enough sunbeds, by the way! I can’t remember the last time we hired a new member of staff as all our staff have been with us for ages now so they get to know you and you get to know them which is always a nice touch, I find. It makes you feel more at home when you come back – and many guests do come back, again and again, especially at this time of the year.

Just now, we’re welcoming back Sue & Simon, Peter & Greta, Sharon & Mark, Russ & Brigit, Kathryn & Steve, Peter & Dot, David & Veronica, Michael & Margaret, David & Rose, Paul & Charlene, Michael & Jill who brought Robin a Norwich football shirt, Sandra, Peter & Tricia, Michael & Maureen, Richard & Winky and their sons, Charlie & Ted. Jan is here with three rooms of family, Jane with her mother and brother, David & Lynda who have been enjoying our Superior/Honeymoon Room and chatting about football with Robin, and Andy & Julia who’ve been chatting about cricket with Robin and just left. They were very kind to say that they would post some signed papers for him on their return to the UK.

What they are posting concerns the house I have been wanting to sell. Well, hallelujah! We have exchanged contracts and complete next week. I am so pleased! Sad that our beautiful house will no longer be ours, of course, but so happy that I can get on with my life. I have been working on it since June. Now just one or two family things to sort out and I shall be on the plane to Samui. Hopefully in time to see lots of returning friends.

If you’re seriously thinking of taking a holiday, don’t put it off any longer, take that step and book one now – with us. You’ll be so pleased you did. Just complete the booking form on our website or e-mail your prospective dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

I hope you do. We’d love to see you.

Best wishes