1 February 2014


Hello and how are you? I don’t know what the weather is like with you, but it’s super here . . hot and sunny with a gentle breeze. Everyone is happy and enjoying this little piece of paradise – their words this time, not mine, and their suntans are coming on a treat. The new pool looks really good too, especially with the sun umbrellas. Very pleased we did that.

The Friday Walking Market is still doing well. If you have been before, you will know of the unfinished, well hardly started actually, buildings just along the other side of the street that have been causing somewhat of an eyesore. These are being demolished and a largish area is being prepared especially for the market on Friday Walking Street. Sounds good to me.

Mark and Alison just left, having been here for a month. A month? Seems like a fortnight as it’s just whizzed by. We look forward to seeing them again next year. Carol and John are here again for a month too as are Peter and Dot – lovely to see them all again. David and Veronica have arrived again as have Gary and Sarah, Bryan and Mia and it’s great to see them all too.

Norwich drew 0:0 with Newcastle on Tuesday which we watched from 2.45am on our office computers. It was a boring match with an acceptable result in the end. We were in bed around 5am that morning. Amazingly, we had been to bed at a similar time the night before too as, around 1.30am, we thought we’d start watching Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street and, just over three hours later, we crawled into bed. When will we ever learn? Today, Norwich play Cardiff. Glyn, who’s coming again soon with Emi, is a Cardiff supporter and he’s written to say that whoever loses should pay for the first drink at the bar. I so hope it’s him! Sorry, Glyn!

Our 11-year old daughter who moved out here with us 10 and a half years ago was 22 on Saturday. She was due to meet Joey Essex, (a TV personality), on the evening of her birthday as he was making a guest appearance in a Norwich nightclub. We all thought that she was on a special guest list, but nobody seemed to know about it or her on the night and she waited for over three hours for a glimpse of about one second. She was really disappointed, especially as she felt that she had wasted hours of her birthday just waiting when she could have been enjoying herself with her friends. She made up for it last night with a great night out, I’m pleased to say, and I’m sure there’ll be many more too. I very much looking forward to seeing her again on my next visit to the UK.

Michael has been renting his car quite a bit recently and has also started a tour around the island. So, if you need a car with good insurance that’s comfortable and easy to drive, (a baby seat is available too), or don’t want to drive, but would still like to be shown around the island by someone who can speak good Thai and good English, then he’s your man. He also has a motorbike for rent. Michael’s family are doing well with the laundry which they’ve been doing for two months now, in fact Carol said that she thought the laundry looked better than ever. Also, Michael’s daughter, Salina, is having her tonsils and possibly adenoids removed in a couple of weeks at Bangkok Samui hospital. Apparently, they’re enormous, so she should feel much better after that. She’s not four until April though! Hope she’ll be okay.

Lamai is back from maternity leave and Bla has come back to us again, so two lovely girls back on reception and it’s great to have them here once more.

So, Bophut is fine, Koh Samui is fine and we’re all fine. We hope that you’ll come to see us soon. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates, or go onto Enquiries on this website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. We’d love to see you!

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.