1 December 2013


A very good day to you all. I hope you are looking forward to the festive season which will be upon us in no time. If you are coming to stay with us, we very much look forward to seeing you. If you are not, may I suggest that you start planning your next holiday so that we shall see you too?

The pool is a real success. Everyone is saying how much they love it. My swimsuit is gathering cobwebs, however, as I don’t like to frighten the guests away so I have not even ventured a toe to test the temperature. How silly am I? I came out here for a new life, to live on a tropical island and to be a lotus-eater. What do I do? Spend hours on the computer with not a smidgeon of a suntan. Good working conditions though!

We’ve had some interesting storms, some very heavy rain and some beautiful sunshine too. Actually, I enjoy the storms and the wind and the rain – I find it all so invigorating. I do realise, however, that the holidaymakers like to see the sun as much as I did when taking trips to Thailand, but it is sunny here most of the year so they’re not often disappointed. We’re very lucky indeed with this climate.

Should the tension in Bangkok build to a crescendo,(the jury is out on this though), we suggest that you do not stay in Bangkok, but fly straight to Samui and you will be none the wiser. We hope that the situation will settle down soon and that an amicable agreement will be reached. If you do go to the city, I suggest you leave your red or yellow shirt at home . . .

Robin, Michael and I watched Crystal Palace against Norwich City last night, (10pm kick-off here). Obviously, everything possible was crossed and we managed to scrape through 1:0. Phew! It was a real pleasure seeing a smile on Chris Hughton’s face, however fleetingly. We were in the Emerald Bar in the village where we enjoyed a Steak & Guinness Pie – scrumptious! The next match is against Liverpool on Wednesday with a 3.00am Thursday kick-off here. Yes, we shall be there, probably in Chaweng at the Islander Bar & Restaurant, and shall be sporting a hugely positive attitude to the event . . . help!!

Bought myself a new iphone 5S this week. Love it. Bought a speaker dock too. Love it.

Have ordered a sun umbrella for the pool. Only one to start with to see how good it is and if it actually works well here, especially when the odd gust of wind presents itself. If all goes well, then we’ll order a few more.

Today, Michael’s Thai girlfriend and her mother have started doing our hotel laundry,(not the guest or Waterfront Apartment laundry, as yet). Michael has been asking for some time if they could do this and, at last, we decided to do something about it as we thought it would be good for the family and ultimately for Michael and his little girl, Salina, too. He and his girls moved into their own private living area at the mother’s new abode yesterday which is only around the corner. The laundry will be based there too so, unless Michael is needed at the hotel, he will be able to pick up and deliver every day around 1pm, his girlfriend will be there to work in the laundry without having to go out to work elsewhere and there will always be someone on hand to pick up little Salina from school and to look after her at home. Was just over in the storeroom helping our room maids and Michael get to grips with my paperwork and, before he loaded the spanking new laundry bags onto the back of his car, his face suddenly lit up and he joked that he was worn out already! We shall see how this new arrangement transpires, but I feel very happy and confident about it. Michael is really chuffed. If it doesn’t work out one day, you may just have to sleep on a hammock . . .

December 1. Goodness me! I shan’t bore you with tempus fugit, etc, but it does though, doesn’t it??

You may like to know that Dan, the son of Chris and Lamai, is doing superbly. I saw him a few weeks ago, as I said in another posting, but Chris showed me a new photo a few days ago and he looks really happy, healthy and loved – and so resembles both of them. Jokingly, I did ask Chris whether they should be thinking of having another little one so that Dan had someone to play with but, without even pausing for breath and with blue eyes as wide as saucers, he said that he really didn’t think he’d have the energy! Ha, ha! He does look SO proud though and quite rightly so. Hope to see little Dan, or Danny, sometime soon.

Hayley is coming back again at Christmas with her son, Tain, and her partner, Kev. Really looking forward to seeing them. They were so kind to both Charlotte and I went we went to see them in the UK in April. Hayley has a heart of gold and so, not surprisingly, she is hoping to bring a little girl with them who recently lost her dad when he had a fatal heart attack. She only had one parent at the time so is going through a really rough time. Hayley often has her around to her home for slap-up meals and quality time and Tain is a great friend, I’m sure. But BA are wanting 4,000 pounds for her aircraft seat, (sorry, no pound sign on this keyboard), and Hayley is trying very hard to raise the funds to realise this project. She is on Facebook, (Hayley Hunt), so if you wished to find out more, had any ideas of whom to approach or felt inclined to contribute in any way, I know this would be extremely appreciated.

I know I should practise what I preach, but I do think YOU should shake those cobwebs from your swimsuit and come out to see us. You can forget the computer, (not many people can though, it seems we have to be consistently logged on), and just try to r-e-l-a-x. Become ‘ Samuied’, as Paul and Jan so often say, (how are you both, by the way? Not working too hard, I hope). Actually, Robin and I had a body massage around midnight last night. It was divine. Just a body massage now, stop it. We were so tense from the football, something radical had to be done. But YOU could have one too AND be lotus-eating . . send us an e-mail with your prospective dates, or go on the Enquiries page of this website and Robin will reply to you without delay, unless there’s no internet which there wasn’t for quite a few hours yesterday – a tactical move by those in authority whilst the demonstrations were on in Bangkok.

Jeanette and Gordon just popped in with their friends. They stayed with us some years ago and wanted to stay again this time. Unfortunately, they went onto ‘our’ website and our availability was only one room, when they actually wanted two. I must emphasize that we do not show availability on our website. We like to build up a relationship by e-mail, you know the personal touch that seems to be gradually retiring into obscurity? We do use agents sometimes, (very rarely before the recession), and it is such a headache keeping their websites up-to-date, minute by minute, although that is one of the reasons I spend so much time on the computer. Also, we do not give them total availability either, so it is always worth coming to us direct. I certainly remembered Jeanette and Gordon, lovely couple. And they loved our pool too.

I shall only be writing to you once again before Christmas, so take good care of yourselves and come and see us soon.

My very best wishes to you all.