1 August 2018

Hi Everybody!

How are you all? Great feedback from my last notes. So many of you read them. Would it be at all possible for you to click on the share button on Facebook so that even more people can find out about us? Personal recommendation is always the best, as you know, in fact this is how we’ve mainly built our business and your help on social media would be greatly appreciated.

We had one or two bad reviews this month. It’s bound to happen now and again, but it’s so disheartening when it does, especially when we always try to do our best. This time the problem was that there was plastic on the beach, but there had been some bad weather and our guys were unable to clean it up. Then the sea brought in more plastic which exacerbated the situation so the family in question were under the misapprehension that our beach was always like this. This world plastic problem with the sea is awful, isn’t it? I do so hope that the environmentalists and governments can find a solution. I hate to see the sea life suffering and, as though that isn’t bad enough, we shall suffer from it too, if we’re not already. Anyway, I digress. Obviously our guys did clean the beach, but not quickly enough for the guests as they posted a bad review. Do you know that some of our regular guests, when they see us having a problem, ask if they can help? In fact, two guests, Geordie and Jack, don’t even ask, they pile straight in, digging the beach, cleaning the beach, sweeping the gardens, cleaning the pool . . .  They know that we do our best and keep on top of the work whenever possible but, as it’s an ongoing thing, they like to chip in and help the staff. Aren’t they amazing? Now, I’m not suggesting that the family in question should have helped. Far from it. Our staff would definitely have done it if at all possible. All I am saying is that they could have been more understanding. A bad review on Trip Advisor can hugely affect our rating on the site and consequently prospective visits through them too. Having said that, we are lucky to receive many, many excellent reviews and, if you have said that you would post one and have forgotten or haven’t had time, it would be so kind of you if you could write one now.

There is still no news on when or in fact whether the village is becoming traffic-free in the evenings. We hear plans, but often they don’t come to fruition. I’ve been called to village meetings more than once when huge plans for the village are on the agenda, but that’s as far as they go. I don’t mind. We don’t want huge changes. Bophut, Fisherman’s Village, is charming, just the way it is. Traffic-free would be nice, but there’s no rush.

As far as sport is concerned, many have been enjoying the cricket and football. With the India one-dayers and the 1am kick-offs over, life has taken on a more serene outlook, especially now that the weather has calmed down. In fact, Norwich, UK, where we come from, was hotter than Koh Samui last week!

I haven’t been enjoying my fitness routine for a couple of weeks as I’ve had Bronchitis. Felt rotten actually, but am gradually getting there although I think a third doctor’s visit is in the offing. Robin is still receiving dental treatment and getting a bit fed up with it all, but that Hollywood smile will surely bowl us over when he arrives at the finishing post.

I am so pleased to report that Maureen, a lovely guest who stays with husband Michael, is off dialysis and doing well. May we hope that, one day in the future, we shall see her sunny self walking around the corner? Dreams do come true!

A quick congratulations to another lovely guest, Lisa, who has successfully completed her first year’s nurse training. This is something Lisa always wanted to do and decided to go for it. We wish her all the best in year two.

Are you thinking of taking a holiday, but can’t decide where to go? Think no more. Send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability. We have eighteen rooms and bungalows right beside the beach in Fisherman’s Village itself, a stunning view of the sea and outlying islands and peaceful surroundings, except on Friday evenings when the infamous Friday Market takes place. We pick you up from the airport free of charge, ply you with a good, relaxing drink on arrival and, before you know it, you are Samuied. When you’ve unpacked, you can take a gentle saunter along the street and try one of the many excellent restaurants, bars, spas and boutiques. All on your doorstep. Paradise.

Even though Norwich was hotter than Samui, you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate that Samui island atmosphere where the gentle breeze blows away all the cobwebs and even the years seem to fall away too. No pressure, no worries, a cocktail here, a beer there, a satay here, a green curry there. A massage here, a pedicure there. A slow pace of life. Don’t bring a huge, heavy suitcase. Just the necessities. You can send clothes to the laundry and get them back the next day. Easy. No washing to take home either.

Come on a real holiday. Book it now.

We’d love to see you.

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes