1 August 2014

Hello there! These weeks just fly by, don’t they? It’s been just super at our little hotel. Although we had one or two showers last week which actually were very welcome most of the time, it’s mainly been very hot and very sunny. There are lots of brown bodies swanning around the place displaying huge smiley faces. We’ve also had quite a few children here recently, but you wouldn’t know it as they’ve been so well-behaved and quiet which is just amazing. As usual, Leo, our beautiful Yorkshire Terrier who is now nine, has been a huge hit with them. We’re still receiving compliments about the pool too. Many people say that it looks as though it’s always been there and how amazing it is that a much bigger pool doesn’t seem to have taken any space from anywhere else. We’re very pleased with it, as you will know if you’ve been reading my blog at all.

Awful news about the air crashes. Our own lovely Scottish contingent, Sue & Tom and Billy & Liz heard about MH17 as they were boarding their own Malaysian flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. How awful was that? Our thoughts, of course, are with the poor families who lost loved ones. It must be excruciating for them. And, of course, for all those suffering in war zones too. If only compromises and agreements could be reached without further loss of life. There seems to be trouble everywhere.

Not only have I been writing this blog for seven years today, but we’ve been here eleven years on the 7th. During that time, we’ve met an enormous amount of fantastic guests and made a huge amount of friends. Some we see again and again like Paul & Jan who are here just now and Stig & Torill who have just left with other members of their family. Ian is here too on his second visit and we’ve got lots of new guests too, like Horvat & Yannic; Diana; Sally, Brian, Wayne, Jennifer & Isabel; Lauren & Erin; Ailsa & Luke; Dan & Sally; Gordon & Sandra; Jeroen, Marja, Philip & Anouk; Max, Marietta, Casper & Sabine; Kuba, Powet, Maja & Katarzyna ; Martha, Gregory, Lara & Ben; Salil, Sidharth, Goatham & Ambady; Thomas, Mikell & Bonny as well as Daniel & Vanessa.

Did I ever tell you that Chris, (one of our former guests who moved out here to be with one of our receptionists), and Lamai, (the said receptionist), are leaving Samui to move back to the UK with little Daniel, their son of ten months? A career opportunity, too good to refuse, came up for Chris in the UK and he went over for an interview. Almost immediately, he heard that he had been successful, so has now he’s left his Thai position and is flying back to the UK again tomorrow. Lamai is just waiting for her visa, having passed her tests at the Embassy with flying colours, and she and Daniel will be following Chris as soon as it comes through. So it’s goodbye to Lamai after all these years and goodbye to Chris too, although they do say that they’ll be back for a holiday in the near future. I am sure many of you guests will have enjoyed your chats with Chris whilst he partook of his daily lunchtime Tom Yum. He’s been here almost three years and I can’t believe it. We’ll miss them both and wish them much happiness in their new life together.

Robin hasn’t been feeling well of late. I think I told you that, the day after he broke some bones in his hand, he had a pain in his stomach, (not related, I might add). After various tests, he had to undergo a colonoscopy. This wasn’t successful and so it was suggested that he have another one in Bangkok. He had this last week and various illnesses were suggested, one ghastly one in particular. It was all hanging on the biopsy results which he would hear at the follow-up on Wednesday. He left Samui for it with great trepidation. A good piece of news spurred him on for a while as he was upgraded to Business Class on the trip over and I thought it was a sign of good luck. It didn’t even touch on the second piece of good news though. I am very, very pleased to announce that he is absolutely fine!! He does have an infection, but this can be eradicated in a couple of weeks. No Heineken allowed during the treatment, however, but he is very happy indeed to settle for that, I can tell you. Phew!!

The website should be working, honestly, by the next bulletin – and it’s all organised to be just as good on the mobile where we’ve had to use a slightly different format to ensure a good presentation. I hope you like it. I have already shown Paul & Jan the mobile version and they like it a lot. In fact, they were able to give me one or two excellent suggestions which I have mentioned to the web designer already.

While we’re on the subject of Paul & Jan, they are actually going to hire Michael’s car and venture out on Monday. They’ve often nearly done this before, but backed out at the last moment because they so enjoy their relaxation, their reading, their lunches, dinners and walks. This is a new side not seen before and I look forward to hearing all about it. They were excited to hear Max and his family enthusing about their trip around the island yesterday during which they’d found a deserted beach at Lipa Noi, visited one of the waterfalls and found another excellent beach for swimming in Chongmon.

I did write to lovely guests Peter & Dot earlier in the year, but have not heard back from them. I know they lead a very busy life in Derbyshire and beyond, but look forward to hearing that all is okay. I think I wrote around the end of May thinking it was Dot’s birthday. I do hope they haven’t taken root in their vegetable patch . . . Also, we often think of Steve & Jean, two other great guests. How are you both? Are you still catering for the bride and groom? It’s three years now since we saw you. We hope you are keeping well and that life is treating you likewise. We’d love to know how you are.

So, you see, life goes on in this little piece of paradise. Why not come and see for yourselves? Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates, or complete the booking form on the website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes